It’s about time that President Trump stops Obama’s salary and makes him pay back this money. Then he should be put in Gitmo right where he belongs with Michelle.

Liberals are worried about Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos’ lack of experience in their respective roles but please tell us how Obama was ever experienced enough to take on the presidency?


From Conservative Daily Post:

Well, the bill has just been totaled -likely with a quantum super computer for processing power with such high numbers – and the news is less than good. In fact, the news could not be much worse because, at $533.2 billion dollars making the U.S. debt now 1 TRILLION dollars for JUST 2016, we are talking about money and numbers in name only. There is no way for any man or woman to really “know” what a trillion dollars actually is. A trillion is described by one mathematician as follows in an effort to even TRY and explain the magnitude;  1 million seconds is about 11.5 days, 1 billion .seconds is about 32 years while a trillion seconds is equal to 32,000 years.

The real reason that the debt went up so much is because Obama could not admit that the problem that had been brewing since Nixon unwisely took America off of the gold standard was now so bad that there was no way to fix it. He just turned on the Fed’s printing press and handed out free money to everyone who no longer had a job or a home.

This made Obama very popular among people who were both jobless and homeless, and since the Nixon idea had been passed like the flu from one administration to another, so many were jobless and without a home that their numbers were able to outnumber those who did. The downtrodden were too economically uneducated to know how bad policy had caused this and they elected Obama not so much because they liked him or his policies, most could not even name any of them, but they knew that they liked getting bailed out. For this reason, they picked him. It really is that simple. It is also why Obama ran up so much debt so that in essence, it cost America 1 trillion dollars a year (at least for one year) to elect him!


Obama did America no favors. He has racked up MORE debt than any president has EVER! With all of his “incentives” leaving millions of Americans on welfare, getting free phones and anything else they could get from the government. This worked out for Obama giving him two terms in office because jobless people wanted to continue gaining the “free stuff.”

Turns out that everything has a price. Don’t forget the expensive vacations, the sanctuary cities, this list can go on and on. Tons of money that America doesn’t even have has been wasted. This won’t magically disappear but the hope is that Donald Trump and his success as a business man will bring America jobs and money. So we can start lowering this monstrous debt that has been racked up, MOST of it under Obama’s presidency.

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  1. Will he have to be accountable for all that he ha so done? Will Clinton? We keep hearing about this but no resolutions. That’s not their fault, that’s true he leaderships fault. They are not above the law, and when they chose their behavior, they chose the consequences. Stop with the talking, and do something about it!

  2. Susan, What? Jobless people didn’t want that, they wanted jobs. And there are few jobs because the Global Corporatists got too wrapped up in the Global economy. And the potential profits were too tempting to resist, they sold out their country and it’s people. And why? Because now, they could, without restrictions and guilt, not that they, these snakes of hate, would ever have that feeling of guilt, because we all know these” Global International Corporatists” are the”Elite” they certainly know it and you should too.They moved the money of America around to whatever, commie dictating, sweat- shop operator, it could find.They, act as if, all the money is theirs. It is not all of theirs, it belongs to all of us, as well, they may make more of it, but that’s where it ends. Without companies that will make products and Gizmos to sell, it makes an economy weak. We want a lot of small service businesses to service the” Large Company” employees.Susan, forgive me, I had a long busy day and 7 beers and bbqued a steak and some other goodies. Add to that, I’m a blue collar kind of guy. Well, that statement is lost on your generation. Oh well, take care.

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