President Trump exposes a secret that could destroy John McCain’s whole career!

John McCain has been very vocal about his disapproval of Donald Trump. Most recently he has criticized the Yemen raid where we lost a Navy SEAL in combat, calling it a failure.

White House officials have reported that John McCain had access to President Trump’s classified phone calls with world leaders. Now he has shared this private, classified information with the public.

From ENV News Daily:

Officials have analyzed McCain’s recent comments, and they say they indicate he has insider knowledge of some of Trump’s calls,  including at least one conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The White House believes McCain is secretly sharing this information with both colleagues and journalists alike.

This comes as Trump continues to search for the leaks inside his White House.

“He has been given transcripts or actually listened to the calls and is sharing what he has heard,” an administration insider said. “There is no doubt. He is one of the major leaks.”

Good old McCain, I guess once a songbird always a songbird! Get rid of him asap. Treason for starters. Too bad he felt that it was necessary to listen in on conversations that were none of his business! Hope they put him in jail and keep him there!


    1. Thanks to the morons in Arizona who voted to put this senile jackass back in the Senate. We’re stuck with his sorry ass for another 6 years. Once again thanks Arizona for screwing it up again!

        1. There was a Republican running against him, name of Kelli Ward, a physician from Lake Havasu City.

          1. The other choice was a devoted Democrat…! Who knows w hat our Governoe will think it ‘proper’ to appoint to fill any vacancy the Senate may create? And that’s still a tough nut to crack, too, but you can bet the Libs would be all over it like flies on a cow pie!

          2. I guess I’m one of the morons from Arizona. But I voted for Kelli Ward trying to vote out McCain. So he’s on the Armed Services committee. He claims to be for the Veterans but I have repeatedly tried to contact him with a Veteran issue and got no response.

        2. BS!! Dr. Kelli Ward ran against the bastard. Arizona re-elected the traitor. He should have been shot for treason for collaborating with the enemy in Viet Nam. They called him “Songbird” because he sang like a parakeet against Americans in Viet Nam. He should have been shot then for treason. Thanks, Arizona!

        3. He ran against Kelly Ward in the primary and she lost. Too bad, she would have been great. I’m from AZ and did not vote for McCain, he’s a true modern day Turncoat. Hope he ends up losing his seat. BTW, I did not vote for the dem either. Should have wrote in Pat Paulson.

      1. Without John McCain’s vote, the Republicans do not have the votes it takes to pass anything. Would you prefer nothing gets done. Have you always been mentally challenged?

        1. Hey Chuck Schroeder, how do you know McLame will continuing voting with the Republicans. He’s a Demoncrat in RINO clothing.

        2. Hay Chuck, what makes you think when a vote goes to the floor for a vote, that he will go the other way with the Democrat,s like he has done every time. He just don’t like President Trump. He also was a Traitor to the service members that was in the POW camp with him.

        3. He likes to collaborate with the other side. He proved that during his stay at the Hanoi Hilton. He is not a reliable vote for anything that makes sense.

      2. This last election Mc Cain ran against a liberal. He only won the contest by virtue of being the least despicable candidate on the ballot. I’ve written him three letters urging him to resign, over the last several years. He doesn’t listen. The only salvation to this mess is that another Republican will be appointed to fill out his term. Hopefully this replacement will distinguish himself/herself and become our best hope for the future. Mc Connel? {spelling}, Flake, and Ryan all need to be
        replaced. We cannot keep these people in office and expect a different result. God bless the Trump and Pence families and keep them safe.

        1. So you’re saying McCain won his election the same way that Trump did…by being the least despicable candidate on the ballot?

      3. He rigged the Primaries so that the One person who actually had a chance to beat him had the vote split 3 ways. Follow the money of the two guys who ran against the woman who was leading McCain. I would bet you would find ties to McCain.

      4. Joe Lanzo I’m An Arizona “mormon” and I couldn’t be more opposed to McCain if I tried. Fact is of the thousands of Mormons I know I don’t think any of them like or voted for McCain, so I guess you owe us a big fat appology.

    2. Next year? He’s in till 2022. All of the Russia BS against President Trump is a 2 fold cover up by the dems and the NSA & CIA. THEY ARE PROTECTING McCain. WHY? He knows too much. Trump is too wise though. He’s right on top of it. McCain is a dirt bag all the way back to pre high school. It grew worse in the Veither Nam war POW. Trump knew what he was when he called him a loser saying, “winners don’t get captured” and he is a big L. He can’t do what he does without the afore mentioned groups.

    3. Next YEAR? He JUST got reelected by the idiot voters of AZ for another SIX YEARS. He bashed the hell out of the woman who was running against him. The only thing they can do is work to get him removed from office. If they can’t get him recalled, they should work on getting him arrested because if he was privvy to what was going on in Yemen, maybe it was HIS loose lips that got that young man killed. It would be his style since his own military record reflects what a real POS he is.

  1. What else do you expect from CNN? Using two idiots to divulge their stupidity but not telling the public anything about the good actions that are taking place in so many other areas of the government!

  2. Come down hard on him put him in the spot talk or treason. He will is !song bird. He will squirt like apig.


  4. He’s been a POW so prison wouldn’t be to hard for him….what a snake! He’s probably being paid by Obama. Such a rotten person.

  5. My understanding is McCain should never have become a senator in the 1st place. He rode his POW status right into office. He would never have become a POW if he’d been punished for nearly sinking the Forestall aircraft carrier. It’s been reported he wet started his jet on the flight deck of the Forestall which set off a chain of events that killed several sailors, and damn near destroyed the ship. He got by with this ‘prank gone wrong’ with his Admiral daddy’s help. He continued flying and eventually ended up captured and spent some ugly time as a POW. He should never have been returned to flight status after the Forestall incident; therefire would not have been captured, would not have spent time as a POW, and would not have had that platform to get him elected as a U.S. senator.

    1. And he would never have be able to commit treason in Vietnam and get so many of our Military people and POWs killed by his traitorous acts. Should have been arrested and tried as a traitor when he came back from Vietnam. Too bad people didn’t know the real truth about John McCain when he first ran for office.

    2. I think you need to research the real cause of the Forrestal fire. McCain’s A-4 Skyhawk was next to another A-4 piloted by Lt. Cdr. Fred White which was struck by a Zuni rocket that misfired from an F-4 Phantom. Fuel leaking from White’s plane caught fire and the fire then spread to nearby planes on the ship’s deck and detonated a 1,000-pound bomb, which killed many of the initial firefighters and further spread the fire. Navy investigators, found that the Zuni had been touched off by a stray electrical charge, not by a jet exhaust. The investigation found that in the wartime pressure to get planes launched quickly crews had not observed two key safety precautions that could have prevented the stray spike of electricity from firing the rocket. The “pigtail” that connects the plane’s wiring to the missile had been plugged in prematurely, before the plane was on the catapult, and a safety pin that also would have prevented the firing also had been removed. The investigation concluded McCain was in no way responsible for the accident. McCain was never suspected of causing the fire because investigators determined immediately that the rocket misfired from the other side of the flight deck. The claim that McCain “wet started” his plane has been proven to be false. Wet-starting is the deliberately dumping of fuel into the afterburner before starting in order to shoot a large flame from the tail of the aircraft. A-4 jets flew at subsonic speeds and were not equipped with afterburners.
      I’m no fan of McCain’s but truth of what happened is available by reading the official investigative report. I was a Hospital Corpsman serving on the Forrestal at the time and I think I would know more about what happened then the internet yahoos. BTW the ship was never in danger of sinking.

    1. No we can’t. The United States Constitution does not provide for nor authorize the
      recall of United States officers such as Senators, Representatives, or the President or Vice
      President. Contrary to popular Web sites, the recall of members of the U.S. Congress has never been permissible according to the Constitution, and no member of the Congress has ever been removed by such means. That’s because the U.S. Constitution sets the qualifications and terms for being a member of the House or Senate; changing those qualifications or terms (as in making them subject to a recall) is unconstitutional and would require a constitutional amendment.

  6. I have read somewhere in the past that after the Vietnam War was over the government wanted to prosecute 33 people for treason and McCain was at the top of that list. Seems like the snake has been able to wiggle out of anything.

  7. There is a way for John McCain to be removed from office. It’s called ‘Recall’… where the voters of Arizona hold a special election to get him recalled from office. It removes him, permanently. The problem is, many people don’t realize they have this option to recall the representatives they have elected, when those representatives do not perform their jobs as they are supposed to, upholding the US Constitution and their respective state constitutions. Research it, folks… every state has this ability.

    The governor of Arizona also needs to get involved. If Jan Brewer, when she was governor, had done this, he’d be gone already! Now, I’m not sure if the current governor has the kahunas to do it.

  8. Once a songbird always a songbird! That says it all!! He’s not a Republican! He is a disgrace like ALL the Democrats! He’s one of them!!!!!!!!

  9. Time Out — Please, just time out a minute.
    Lot of discussions toward different things in this blog. Just a second. Just consider this. It’s pretty much a given what the quote, unquote Clinton Machine was. During an election of any kind the Clinton Machine goes to the Democratic Play Book which is also very well known. It’s not like this is a secret or up or discussion or debate as you can’t debate facts. This is the position over and over trying to defend Hillary. And what the Democratic Play Book tells them to do, is the same thing Democratic have always done when they can’t defend. 1) Deny, Deny, Deny, Never Ever admit to anything at any time. 2) you change the subject to something else and try and engage a debate to change the subject. Continue to bring something else up no matter if it true or not right or wrong debates on as many little topic as we can cause takes the focus off the original point. 3) Attack, Attack & Attack our opponents from every agnles as much a possible nothing if off limits to destroy an opponent including harming America and putting Americans in harms path. 4) If you get called in front of a Select Committee or Congress, all of us Democrats are Lawyers so plead the 5th. Of course it means what you had to say, if you speak it will show where you also are guilty, involved, shared the blame or had knowledge of the activities and did nothing to stop it. But, they can’t go any further with you. You are betting that another Administration won’t do an investigation toward so other wrong doing somewhere that will tie you to it cause if it does, we there’s not Statue of Limitations on Treason.

    I see changing the subject and trying to get into a debate to take the focus off the News worked on some of you. That’s exactly why it works folks. Be Aware of what is happening and ask yourself Who Cares about that petty crap the Story,—- The News Story is Obama did wire tap Trump tower. And many Democrats knew it and even shared the information among themselves to see if anyone could use the information to discredit Trump. And what John McCain did, what he said. Without knowing the conversation Trump had, unless McCain was in the room with Donald the only way he could have know the information was someone told him or he heard the conversation from a wire tap. Daaaaaaaaaa . That means the SOB is guilty as hell of having the information from a private conversation. He’s guilty and every other Democratic that shared the information is guilty. But it also mean Obama knew of the wire taps. Didn’t say he ordered it. But if McCain knew of it. Well, I’ll bet the farm Obama knew before McCain or do you want to try and debate that point after we stay on point with the original New Breaking New which is still McCain and Treason and Wire Tapping and corruption at the highest level. Nothing else matters. That means our Government is corrupt and that’s both sides. No one’s getting a free hand here. What the democrats are pissed and republican’s who think they too are the chosen few, the New World Order. Now I don’t care what side you are one when ever you wake up on either side of the fence you are still going to realize it affects all of us the same what as we damn sure are not part of the Chosen Few as we get Obama Care and penalties for not participating. But those we elected to represent us Exempt themselves from what they say is good for us.

    You still buying that bullshit.

    They hate Trump cause he not part of the Good Ole Boy Club. He’s going to make us actually play by the rules. Actually enforce the laws on the books that protect us all. Republicans loose the right to free speech the Democrats loose their right to fee speech too. Democrats who don’t like guns are going to change their tune when a president enforces Marshal Law and starts rounding up everyone camps or restricted areas.

    Be aware people there is a element that does not want anyone anywhere to have freedom or rights. They don’t share your values or my values as Americans. And they are chipping away at our freedoms. So which ever side you are one, be Aware, Be Aware, BE AWARE.

    There is more fake new than real news. Trump isn’t talking about what he’s doing. Main stream media hates it. They have to write something and make it interesting so people will still follow. So their story line is going to lean to the view they want you to have. That’s a fact. Just watching one News Channel helps them promote only one view. Watch other news and compare. Don’t judge and be closed minded. Don’t believe everything you hear.

    I have a friend in Canada. They have reporters over here. They report on the United States and what is happening here every day it affects Canada greatly what happens here in the USA. He send me headlines from the Largest Papers in Canada and you would not believe what happens here that listening on one News Station who doesn’t report it ———- well you’ll never know. Then someone will tell you about it and you’ll think that are crazy and won’t believe it.

    Be Aware, Be Aware, Be Aware ———-
    All I’m saying.

    Y’all be careful now you hear.

    1. so very true and well stated Dalton. Thank you for this truly great explanation……you got not only the picture, but its the BIG PICTURE…..more truth then poetry here.

  10. We believe everyone on this thread must carefully gather the facts & truthful evidence first, before rushing into judgement. We should never rush into judgements.
    People will not be very happy to see party’s fighting against his same party.
    It should never be as such.
    The final if the matter on this Mc Cain issue is, about wiretap info received by him?
    It would seem doubtful.
    The Trump party should never submit into fighting each other on wiretap issue allegedly started & being committed during the last months of Pres Obama’s Administration. All must be pinpointed to such so that it will precisely exposethe facts if the infos were true or not.
    So, we should never rush into judgements from a superficial means!!!

  11. We put him in…let’s take him out. Apparently, dems and libs STILL fail to see the writing on the wall! We are done being silent! We want real leaders. We THOUGHT he was one. Now we see he is fake! Mr McCain….coming from an Arizona resident citizen….step the hell down!

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