Now Wood Burning Stoves Are In Short Supply Due To…


Coal and wood? Green energy isn’t giving Germany the utopia they dreamed of.

3 years ago German diplomats were laughing at President Trump’s energy predictions for Germany during his speech to the UN General Assembly about their country’s reliance on Russian energy.

President Trump was right again and no one in Germany is laughing now.

And just like they did in the Middle Ages, German citizens are loading up on wood to heat their homes next year.

As of today, gas prices are so high in Germany, making wood-burning stoves and firewood scarce nationwide.

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Russia wasn’t joking around when it warned back in June that it will reduce natural gas flows through a key European pipeline by roughly 40% Germany.

German politicians called this a political move.

Woodburning stove – screengrab

Like crazy Democrats in America, German politicians seem to have gotten their ideology from Democrats’ inept leadership. 

More details from the ‘’ report (Translated):

The Ukraine war and concerns about the energy supply have unsettled many citizens. The result: wood-burning stoves are in demand like never before. But even an oven does not guarantee heat if there is no firewood.

Wood-burning stoves and firewood have become scarce nationwide in the wake of the Ukraine war. Furnace builders and installers can hardly save themselves from orders from concerned customers who want to install an additional heating option in their house or apartment.

“When the war broke out, demand exploded,” says a spokesman for the Central Association for Sanitary, Heating and Air Conditioning (ZVSHK) in Sankt Augustin on request.

But even a stove does not guarantee a warm living room next winter: because the firewood dealers are also faced with a nationwide rush of customers and can no longer meet the exorbitantly increased demand in many places. “The market is empty,” says Gerd Müller, head of the office of the Federal Firewood Association in Kamen.

The triggers are obviously both the skyrocketing gas and heating oil prices as well as the concern that the heating could remain cold next winter. “People are unsettled or even scared,” says the Central Association for Sanitary, Heating and Air Conditioning. At least some customers will probably not get their stove before the end of next winter. According to the ZVSHK, the waiting time is a year in some cases. There are around 2,000 furnace construction companies nationwide.

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