Muslim Refugees are FLEEING the US! Look Where They’re Going Instead…

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Wow! Donald Trump is so fierce, he has Muslim refugees deporting themselves!

They’re making they’re way up to good ol’ Canada!

From Red State Watcher:

Yahoo reported: Emerson (Canada) (AFP) – Farhan Ahmed hoped to find refuge in the United States after fleeing death threats in Somalia, but fear over a US crackdown on immigration sent him on another perilous journey — to Canada.

The 36-year-old was among nearly two dozen asylum seekers who braved bone-chilling cold on a February weekend to walk across the border, trudging through snow-covered prairies in the dead of night to make a claim in this country.

It was a record number of arrivals for a single weekend in the small border town of Emerson, and Canadian officials said Thursday they are bracing for more.

I don’t see why immigrants are so surprised about what President Trump is doing right now. He has been saying it for over a year now!

Wow, I guess it is surprising… a President who actually does what he says! This is great!

Now, how welcoming Canada is to them will be a whole other story. It’s even harder to get citizenship over there. America has one of the most unprotected borders and has been very lenient with illegals… NOT ANYMORE!

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8 thoughts on “Muslim Refugees are FLEEING the US! Look Where They’re Going Instead…

    1. You know how stupid you are.. your another ignorant who knows nothing about us Canadians.. I certainly don’t want them here.. we don’t need immigrants that are not welcome in our Country.. that is the cruelest thing a person can say about beheading other human beings of any country.. I hope you regret saying these horrible things about human beings.. no empathy so you should go live with these immigrants and see how you would like to be told that you are to beheaded by these savages. hope this doesn’t happen to those who have empathy and want to live a peaceful life in their own country.. wherever you live I hope that it doesn’t happen to you.. just look at what’s going on in the world before you spew such evil things. Germany, France, Australia , Belgium etc and see what they are going through.. I feel sorry for these people to live in constantly in fear of their lives and losing what they have to these savages.. so I really dislike your comment and I could say good riddance to you but I won’t because I have Jesus in my life.. and it seems you don’t to say these things.. so I hope they don’t wreak have in the country you live in..

      1. D, I don’t how old you are or your education level; evidently, you need to get in touch with the current reality and understand that these terrorists have decided all by themselves to reside in your country. The US did not send them your way. Oh, there’s “free speech” here and the news article was posted here in the US (fake or not). Last but not least, don’t name-drop Jesus’s name on your own opinion…you have no idea!

      2. Sorry for the harsh words to our Canadian neighbors. We don’t wish hate or killings in your country or ours. Seems your government has been asking for these refugees with a welcome sign to move in. These people need to fight for their freedom in their own country. Safe areas could be set up for them with foreign monies. Bring them to non-Islam countries is a train wreak. Pray we all survive this mess. Love and God’s blessings to us all.

        1. Islam doesnt work in western culrure …… Money wouldve been better helping refugees settle into middle East somewhare! Obama’ s mission was to flood America with its generosity and Ruin the USA making it ‘Islamic states of America!! President Trump has a massive job to make and clean up No thanks to Obama dont be hoodwinked about ideology Canada they will more than take advantage of you and then start demanding like in USA

      3. D – I believe it was insensitive for “Eli” to word his/her concerns as written. Of course you don’t want to wish harm on anyone, nor do we. We, too, feel like we have been thrown out to the wolves by our government. No one in their right mind would want to wish an innocent person be beheaded or lose their lives in any other way.

        Americans are afraid of these people and the government just does not seem to care about our safety and our welfare. You need to contact your government representatives and demand that they stop the insanity of allowing these people to freely enter your country with the mindset of personal injury and destruction in your country. CALL THEM AND WRITE THEM and have your friends and family do the same. Government should not have the sole right to change countries up side down just because they want a radical change in the way government is run.

        Please don’t be frightened, but take action. These people breed on inactivity of the people. Do something about it.

        God bless you too.

  1. I knew that Canada would not stand for the Musluims my hold family is from Canada,they said no way.There have no place to hide.They don’t beleave in God,they have there own God that you will have to expect and they ways,we know you won’t put up with them.Don’t let them get there foot in the door or you’ll be very sorry.God Bless Canada

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