Man Sexually Assaults a Woman Within Her Memphis Home, Then Stalks Her to Apologize!


Mark Lyons recently observed his 41st birthday. Unfortunately, because of his poor choices, he will be spending the great majority of his upcoming birthdays behind bars. Lyons was recently charged with a litany of crimes, including stalking, assault, aggravated burglary, and rape. In a nutshell, this man forced himself into his victim’s home while she was sleeping. He crawled in through an open window. Burglarizing a woman’s home and taking advantage of her was bad enough, but it was his actions afterward that was both bizarre and equally appalling. Lyons proceeded to stalk this woman, and he used the excuse that he was only doing it to “apologize” to her. A rapist with a conscience…now I have officially heard everything. Egad! 

 On the night of August 27th, officers affiliated with the Memphis Police Department responded to a call of a sexual assault report. S. Alexander was the victim and she told responding officers that someone had pried open her front window and entered her home in the middle of the night while she was in her bedroom. They awakened her as they were standing over her bed, and this person was wearing no shirt and some dark pants. She was later able to identify this person as Mark Lyons, and he penetrated this poor both vaginally and anally even though she was begging him to stop. 

Of course, what do most normal, rational-thinking people of faith do when they are in the middle of a traumatic event? Two words: they pray, and that’s exactly what Miss Alexander did during that time. For whatever reason, this touched Lyons, and he started crying. He then proceeded to ask Alexander if she would say a prayer for him. She agreed, and asked Lyons who she needed to pray for. Lyons responded, “Tiger.” Was this his alter ego? Was this someone that he knew? It’s hard to say, because he hasn’t told anyone who this “Tiger” person is. However, she complied, and that was sufficient for Lyons. He ultimately removed a book from one of the boxes in her house and he left. 

Of course, Lyons wasn’t content with Miss Alexander’s lone act of selflessness. This is when he decided to start stalking her in his half-cocked attempt to apologize to her. Three days after the initial assault, Alexander once again called police because she saw Lyons standing outside her home once again, this time wearing an orange shirt. He left an envelope in the door which contained two more envelopes, some greeting cards, and a “from Tiger” written on the front of the package. After the police inspected the package, they discovered several blank and unsigned greeting cards. The police would finally track Lyons down with a court warrant for misdemeanor assault. The police searched his person this time, and they discovered that Lyons was saving several more greeting cards that were also marked “from Tiger” directly on the front. During the interrogation, Lyons admitted all of the accusations alleged by S. Alexander, and said that he kept coming back in order to “apologize” to her. 

What an unusual story, to say the least…what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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