Video: Friend of Hillary Vows to Kill Trump at Inauguration

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A man who’s mother died in 9/11 vows to kill Donald Trump. See how he’s connected to Hillary Clinton below…

From Fox News:

A man was arrested Tuesday in Miami Beach after posting a video online in which he vowed to kill President-elect Donald Trump at the inauguration.

According to reports, the man’s mother died on 9/11 aboard one of the hijacked airliners and she was later eulogized by Hillary Clinton.

Dominic Puopolo Jr., calling himself LORD JESUS CHRIST on Twitter, tweeted the (below) video directly to the Secret Service, daring them to stop him.

He is currently being held by Miami police without bond and was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.

Ummm Referring to himself as “Lord Jesus Christ” says enough to me about this man’s mental stability…

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