Libs FREAKING OUT, All Of The Evidence Has Come To The Surface!


I have never had a whole lot of respect for Maxine Waters, and recent events haven’t exactly endeared me to her all that much anyway.

She is a person that has been trying to divide people for as long as I can remember. Just look at the whole thing in the 1990s where she wanted to teach Ebonics as a language in high schools.

She is someone for decades that has gone out of her way to try and malign any good thing that a Republican has done and made it her goal to bring any member of the GOP down for no reason other than they aren’t liberals. It’s sickening.

All the evidence coming to light about Maxine Waters has Democrats freaking out and putting the liberal propaganda machine on overdrive. Progressives conveniently forget all about the way she incited her followers to riot in 2018.

Who would have ever believed that we would be looking back on 2018 and seeing a totally different world than the one we face today.

Back then, there was outrage, even though it didn’t last very long, when Maxine Waters called for the systematic illegal harassment of Trump administrators. Senators saw the evidence as a reminder on Friday.

At Donald Trump’s kangaroo court of an impeachment trial, the former president’s attorneys defended him from the insurrection charges with video evidence clearly showing Democrats doing the same thing, and worse.

They presented a “long montage of Democratic politicians saying the word ‘fight’” Included was Maxine Waters declaring “you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

Of course, liberals claim the clip was “taken out of context.” That’s their opinion. They claim without evidence that “Waters never incited an insurrection.”

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2 thoughts on “Libs FREAKING OUT, All Of The Evidence Has Come To The Surface!

  1. Old Maxine has always been a hag and worse yet,she pays her family with taxpayers money.Husband helped out when his bank conked and daughter is still on a payroll from mother.She is the poster girl literally and “adorn” the poster as the ugliest

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