When you elect someone to office, you want to make sure that they are a person of good character. That doesn’t just mean someone that is a good politician, we are talking about someone that is a good person in as many aspects of their life as humanly possible.

A person who should be of good character is someone that is put in charge of a group of children. Camp counselors fall under that category and the person who is in charge of them.

Think about that, you leave your kids at a place and leave for a few days and you hope that the people that are running the joint are of high moral character…If they aren’t, they shouldn’t be in charge of garbage let alone in charge of making laws.

Two serious allegations have emerged against Democrat Senate candidate Raphael Warnock, who is running in the Georgia Senate runoffs against Incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler.

The first allegation came from Anthony Washington, 30, who spoke on the record on December 28 about abuse he suffered as a 12 year old at a church camp overseen by Reverend Raphael Warnock.

According to Washington, counselors at Camp Farthest Out threw urine on him, locked him out of his cabin, and forced him to sleep outside overnight. The counselors were allegedly punishing him for wetting his bed by forcing him to sleep outside on a basketball court alone. He said that the urine that was thrown on him was from a bucket that they used when there were no bathroom facilities nearby.

The incident at the camp led to a lawsuit in 2003, and a large financial settlement.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

“Warnock has faced scrutiny over his 2002 arrest for allegedly obstructing a child abuse investigation by Maryland State Police that centered on the camp’s treatment of children. Washington’s account is buttressed by records from the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, obtained by the Free Beacon earlier this month, which indicated that campers were routinely left unsupervised; staffers were not subject to required criminal background check; and at least five cases of child abuse or neglect were brought against the camp’s director, who was ultimately forced to resign.

Warnock served as senior pastor at Baltimore’s Douglas Memorial Community Church from 2001 until around 2005. His job included overseeing the expansion of the church’s sleepaway camp, Camp Farthest Out, which served inner city children.”

Washington was reportedly shocked when he learned that Warnock was running for the Senate, saying: “I don’t think nobody like [Warnock] should be running for damn Senate nowhere … He should not be running for government.”

Details of the lawsuit were confirmed by Washington’s sister, who said that it was related to counselors who “poured urine on [Anthony], at the camp.”

Washington told the news outlet that he doesn’t like talking about the incident, and also said that he saw counselors “grab kids” but did not know if other children experienced abuse.

3 thoughts on “LIBS FREAKING OUT About Warnock’s DISGUSTING PAST!

  1. I don’t know why liberals are freaking out. They voted for this anti-Semitic Communist. , Warnock. The voters of Ga . sold out America for $2000.00. Corrupt Quid Pro Joe, lied. Now all he wants to dish out is $1400.00. All Quid Pro Joe had to do is dangle money in front of people’s faces, and they will come. The gullible Democrat voters bought Quid Pro’s B.S. hook line and sinker. As per Quid Pro, you want the $2000.00, then you need to vote for the Democrats. Now that the voters voted in the liberal commie Democrats, Democrat voters are just as responsible as Corrupt Quid Pro Joe for the millions of people that are going to be unemployed.

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