LEAKED Emails Expose Huma Abedin’s Benghazi Secret! They Finally Got Her…



Huma Abedin has been Hillary Clinton’s closest assistant for years. There’s no question that, despite her questionable connections and past, she would play a huge part in a Clinton White House.

Now, WikiLeaks has exposed Huma in a big way. She asked a speech writer to shorten a speech about Benghazi, because a podium would not be available.

Why? This is a clear sign that one of Huma’s main tasks is covering up Hillary’s secret health problems.

Huma Abedin, top aide to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, asked a speechwriter to shorten a potential statement to reporters because Clinton would not deliver it at a podium, according to the latest Wikileaks release of messages from John Podesta’s email accounts.

Dan Schwerin, Direct of Speechwriting for Clinton’s campaign, sent a draft of a “post-game statement [Hillary] could make to press” after she testified before the House Benghazi Committee in October 2015. The statement, at 253 words, would take the average speaker less than two minutes to deliver.

“I would make it shorter only because it’s a bank of Mics and no podium,” Abedin replied.

Based on contemporaneous news reports, Clinton’s team appears to have scrapped a “post-game” statement altogether — since Clinton ultimately sat and talked for 11 hours over the course of the hearing. During that time, Clinton suffered a coughing fit for several minutes while answering questions from Rep. Elijah Cummings.

What would be another reason for shortening the speech? This is a topic that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State should have a lot to say. It appears she simply wasn’t physically able to handle a longer speech.

Clinton doesn’t have the stamina to be America’s Commander-in-Chief. And whatever health problems she is hiding, she would be putting America at risk everyday.

2 thoughts on “LEAKED Emails Expose Huma Abedin’s Benghazi Secret! They Finally Got Her…

  1. Medical records leaked by Vincent Fleck, father of Dr. Daniel Fleck, one of Hillary’s caregivers, revealed diagnoses of Complex Partial Seizures and Subcortical Vascular Dementia (Binswangers). Binswangers being the most severe diagnosis. Then there’s the possibility of Parkinson’s Disease. Instead of running for President of the United States, she should be spending time with her daughter and grandchildren while she still knows who they are. Doesn’t matter to her that she’s also putting this country in danger with her insane “Bucket List” wish. This woman is very ill, probably doesn’t have much longer to live. Supposedly diagnosed in 2012-13, and the life expectancy of Binswangers is 3-5 years. She is physically and mentally unfit to lead this country, not to mention morally, emotionally and spiritually void.

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