PRICELESS: Comedians Who Tried To BASH Trump During Their Show Get A Brutal WAKE UP Call…



Celebrities, particularly those who deem themselves “professional entertainers” like comedian Amy Schumer, often seem to think the world actually cares about their political beliefs. This delusional belief in turn often leads said “entertainers” to shove a heaping helping of ridiculous progressive nonsense into their shows and other forms of media.

Because everyone is waiting with bated breath for spoiled millionaires to tell them how to vote, right? Feel free to do an eye roll. The first one’s on the house.

Anyway, Schumer, an avid Hillary Clinton supporter — and relation of gun grabbing Sen. Chuck Schumer — recently discovered the hard way that not everyone is so receptive to her bringing politics into her standup routine.

The Daily Mail reports, About 200 Donald Trump supporters started heckling Amy Schumer at the comedian’s show in Tampa, Florida Sunday night, before ultimately walking out when the set turned political.

Schumer, a Hillary Clinton supporter, started dissing Trump halfway through her set at the Amalie Arena yesterday, which was attend by about 10,000.

At one point, she even brought an audience member up on the stage to defend his support of the Republican nominee.

 When the audience member said he was only supporting Trump because he ‘can’t trust Hillary,’ Schumer dismissed him from the stage and told security to start escorting out anyone who was booing.She then went on to call Trump an ‘orange, sexual-assaulting, fake college-starting monster’.

It was at that point that the small – but vocal – contingent of Trump supporters started filing out of the arena, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Will Schumer learn a lesson from seeing a large portion of her audience leave the show — that lesson being to leave your politics out of your entertainment?

Or at the least, express your thoughts and opinions in an intelligent way that doesn’t alienate the folks who pay your bills?

It doesn’t seem this very basic piece of logic fits in Schumer’s wheel of intelligence, so the chances of her actually correcting this issue are almost non-existent.

Regardless, kudos for these Trump fans for standing up to a ridiculous Hollywood blowhard.

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