LEAKED Documents Are Spelling Bad News For Crooked Al Sharpton…


A shocking revelation about a prominent civil rights activist’s love life threatens to expose the hypocrisy within the Democratic Party’s inner circle.

Nearly two decades ago, Reverend Al Sharpton and his wife, Kathy Jordan, went their separate ways, yet the famed civil rights activist and founder of The National Action Network didn’t officially end his long-standing marriage.

Now, with court documents revealing that Sharpton has finally filed for divorce, the whispers and speculations about his love life and political motivations have grown louder, especially given his current relationship with his much younger partner, Aisha McShaw.

Sharpton and Jordan’s love story began in the 1970s when Jordan was a backup singer for the legendary James Brown. They married in 1980 and had two daughters before parting ways in 2004. Since then, Sharpton has been in a committed relationship with McShaw, who is 23 years his junior. The couple made their debut together in 2013 at the New York County Democratic Committee Award Ceremony, where McShaw openly identified herself as Sharpton’s girlfriend.

The media was quick to criticize Sharpton for dating while still legally married to Jordan. Unwilling to let his personal life overshadow his public persona, Sharpton defended himself, asking if he didn’t have the right to date after being separated for over a decade.

In response to the criticism, he told his aide Rachel Noerdlinger, “Rachel, I’m not announcing an engagement or a marriage. Don’t I have a right to date when my marriage has been over for a decade?”

McShaw, a former stylist who has since become the CEO of her namesake luxury womenswear brand, has reaped the benefits of her relationship with Sharpton. In 2014, she attended the White House Correspondents’ dinner and dined with the Obamas during French President Francois Hollande’s visit. She continued to be a guest at the annual White House Correspondents’ dinner in 2015 and 2016.

As Sharpton finally takes the legal steps to dissolve his marriage to Jordan, speculation is rife about his intentions. Are his actions politically motivated, aimed at distancing himself from the Democrats? Is he preparing to make McShaw his wife, solidifying their relationship in the eyes of the law? Or is there another, hidden reason behind Sharpton’s decision to file for divorce at this particular moment?

Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: Sharpton’s personal life will continue to be scrutinized and used as a weapon against him and his political affiliations.

Source: AWM

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