Radical Islam

An Islamic compound has been discovered inside of the USA and the Joint Terrorism Task Force is acting very shady about the whole thing.

Joe Biggs and Josh Owens, Info Wars reporters, went to New York to investigate a compound that is being called “Islamberg”.

This “safe haven” is located in Tompkins, New York. When the reporters tried to investigate the compound, they were met by a guarded gate where more people drove up asking what they wanted.

Concern arose when witnesses reported sounds “unusual sounds of gunfire and explosions….emanating from the compound.”

From To The Death Media:

Biggs gave the guards his phone number but subsequently received a call from the Joint Terrorism Task Force asking why the journalists were investigating the village.

Shortly after, Owens also received a call from the task force despite the fact that he had not given out his phone number to anyone.

When Owens asked how the JTTF got his number, officials told him they couldn’t say but that they knew he had visited Islamberg.

Sharia law has been confirmed to be in America. There have been many Islamic compounds popping up in America. This isn’t an “anti-Muslim” thing, this is anti-terrorism.

There are tons of these camps in the United States. Obama knew and let them happen. The majority exist in small rural areas with very small police forces and practice Sharia law. They need to be eradicated. If we actually had a president the last 8 years, this wouldn’t have happened.


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