ILLEGALS Crossing The NORTHERN Border About To Break BIG Record…


Despite the obvious interest that I have in world affairs and trying to do what I can to make the United States the greatest country in the world again after several years of Biden’s meddling, I do have other hobbies and fascinations.

One of those fascinations is odd borders. The border between the United States and Canada as an example is mostly cut and dry, but there are a couple of spots here and there where you have to wonder what they were thinking when the surveyors drew the line.

Take for example the town of Derby Line, Vermont. This is a town where you could have an address that is an American address, but the second that you pull out of your driveway you are in Canada.

For ages, the two sides coexisted with each other quite peacefully. It wasn’t much of an issue to walk from Canada to a newsstand in the United States to get your morning paper.

As security following 9/11 became tighter and stricter, actual border marking began getting put up in the town. It made things a pain to get around, but it made things a lot safer along the border. At least for a little while it did.

For those of you that think illegal immigration is limited to people sneaking through the Mexican desert, or getting a flight to the United States and staying beyond their visa; you are mistaken.

One of the targets of illegal immigrants that does not get as keen an eye on it as it probably should is the border between the United States and Canada. Canada and the United States have a border that stretches a VERY long way, which makes it a prime target for illegals or terrorists to enter our nation from our neighbors to the north.

We are not even halfway through 2024, and already American border patrol agents have recorded 9,460 illegal crossings from Canada. The whole of 2023 had 10,021, which leaves things on a track where the number from last year is going to be overtaken damn near any week now.

It has also prompted many of the American residents who live in border areas to carry firearms in numbers that these areas have never seen. As much of a proponent of the Second Amendment as I am, it must be a shock to the senses to some who never felt the need to protect themselves suddenly needing to protect themselves.

I grew up visiting these quaint little border towns in my youth. It’s a shame that so many of the ones like the one in Vermont I mentioned earlier are now becoming a battlefield thanks for Biden not wanting to do a damn thing about either side of the border…

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