Eric Holder Caught On Video Telling Crowd To Kick Republicans…

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One o the main tenets that the Saul Alinsky following, Rules for Radicals reading liberals tend to follow is the notion of by any means necessary.

They won’t particularly care how they reach a result just as long as they reach it.

Which is pretty sad in execution because when you have someone who is more concerned with plowing through and getting their point across as opposed to having a discussion it’s a little bit difficult to even get your side out because if you disagree with them in any way they quite seriously want to kick the crap out of you.

Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder tells a crowd to “kick” Republicans at a rally in support of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams in Stockbridge, Georgia on October 7, prompting the crowd to cheer and chant “fight” in response.

The Democrats are on a roll with the call for uncivil behavior from their leaders recently. Think about it…Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Cory Booker, Tom Perez, and Maxine Waters have all called for aggression towards Republicans.

Tom Perez began the violent and vulgar rhetoric when he was elected DNC Chair. He went around giving speeches saying that President Trump didn’t win and that “Republicans don’t give a sh*t about you”.

More recently, Maxine Waters and Cory Booker both called for aggression towards Republicans and even Trump Cabinet members.

Hillary Clinton just came out with a statement during an interview that suggested Democrats shouldn’t have to behave in a civil manner towards Republicans.

This is further proof that we’re REALLY in a #War to win back the heart and soul of America from these evil people. No kidding! It’s getting to the point where we believe Rand Paul is right…”Someone is going to get killed.”

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2 thoughts on “Eric Holder Caught On Video Telling Crowd To Kick Republicans…

  1. You damn dirtbag.——- and you profess to be so high and mighty and listen to what is coming out of that dirty mouth.!!!!!!

  2. That’s exactly right corrupt communist bitch Clinton, brain dead waters and Moronic Holder. The Liberal commie democrats should be violent towards Republicans, only I don’t recall any Republicans being aggressive towards the liberal commie democrats. Now does Clinton and Holder want to kick Republicans before they try and confiscate the guns or after. When your violent with someone, you just might end up having a conversation w/G-D. My own personal view, I think all the liberal commie Democratic politicians should be rounded up, just like the Democrats rounded up the Japanese Americans in WW2, They should all be sent to San Quentin where they have a working gas chamber, They can all stand in line.

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