If You See These Bugs In Your Yard, Don’t Go Anywhere Near Them!


We all are still in pain with the bad things COVID-19 Pandemic has brought us, but another natural disaster is hitting up residents in Maine.

Recently, Waterville Mayor, Jay Coelho has said in the emergency meeting city council, urging them to declare a public health emergency for the community.

“After a pandemic year, while we are finally able to start getting out and socializing, this is the last thing we want to be dealing with.”

I couldn’t agree more as it was reported that ‘Browntail Moths’ have been invading the state of Maine. These are not your typical moths that will show their beautiful appearance, hence it is poisonous caterpillar.

Residents of Maine are desperately trying to fend off these pests that are crawling everywhere in their town.

Jim Britt, the spokesman for the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, confirmed that these invasive species have been invading more parts of the state this year.

In his statement, “People are finding them everyplace: on the ground, on the picnic table, on the electrical box, on the corner — you name it..they are heavily present. Folks will see them all over.”

“And we are in the midst of an outbreak,” Jim added.

Maine Department of Health and Human Services warned the public that these tiny hairs on these caterpillars are toxic and the poison can remain viable on these hairs for up to three years which makes them especially dangerous in cases of being touched or inhaled as it can result in severe breathing problems.

Jim advised the public that if you get stung by these moths, calamine lotion will treat the rash caused by these pests.

But I suggest, burn these moths just to be safe.

Watch it here: NBC News/Youtube

Source: American Web Media

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