At Well Over 70, Suzanne Somers Posed Nude And What Everyone Said Was….


Age is just a number, just ask Suzanne Somers.

The iconic TV actress and wellness advocate turned 73, celebrating the milestone with a topless photo of herself in a field in Palm Springs, California. This is to fulfill the fantasy of many people who fell in love with her on the silver screen when they were young and rambunctious.

The fact that Suzanne Somers looked so incredibly good is what really had fans talking. There were some normal signs of aging, but for the most part, people were baffled at how sensational she looked for her age, and they wanted to know more about how this was possible.

Here I am at 73 in my Birthday Suit!!!” she captioned the post, which has been flooded with supportive and adoring comments from fans.

Plenty of fans praised the actress for her revealing shot, writing things like,

“She looks amazing and if you followed her on any social media you’d know she’s beautiful inside and out. Flaunt it if you’ve got it! And she still has it big time.”

“How about you! You are a role model to show people how to be confident and successful.” 

“You look amazing! Happy birthday and I hope you do this every year at any age as I know you’ll always be beautiful.”

However, not all the comments were positive. Other followers said,

“Suzanne I hate to say this but I don’t think that picture is Tastefully done it looks gross.”

“Jealous?? Hardly!! I’m an extremely open minded woman but this photo is lacking class.”

“Suzanne just doesn’t look good anymore to flaunt herself in her old bday suit. Sorry Suzi but you’re too old for this. Show some class (if you can find it) and put on a tshirt & jeans and then you will look hot.” 

“Why…you are [too] old to be acting like this.”

It looks like Somers has a few words to tell her trolls after she recently posted a photo of her naked on her 73rd birthday. Through an interview, she decided to put down her haters stating, “When you’re 73 years old and you want to take your clothes off, you don’t like it, too darn bad.” The actress laughed after her comment, seeing the bright side of the situation and not caring much about what other people have to stay.

Somers stated all her photos are taken by her husband Alan Hamel, who she has been married to since 1977. If this incident taught me anything, is that I should probably find a man that will take pictures of me while wearing no clothes in the middle of a field and not care what people think. Is that the secret to marriage? Go, Suzanne, go!

Watch the video below:

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