His Tour Of His 78 Square Foot Apartment Will Make You…


I can’t imagine having to live like this, but an architect makes the most of his tiny Manhattan space by building his own furniture. After all his a designer.

Freelance architect Luke Clark Tyler has managed to turn 78 square feet of dull space into a cozy NYC apartment, and now he’s sharing his innovative design tips exclusively on Offbeat Spaces, a new web show on YouTube’s newest home & design channel called Spaces.

In the video below, Tyler takes us on a tour of the apartment. From the very beginning, you will notice just how organized it looks. He has a couch that doubles as a bed when needed, a desk with a mirror, and even a closet for storage. Although the bathroom is down the hall and he has to share, Tyler is paying very little for rent.

Tyler pays a pretty penny for it as well – $800/month. That’s twice as expensive as most other places in the neighborhood that run roughly $72/square foot. Tyler pays $123.07/per square foot.

Then again, the average studio apartment in the neighborhood runs about $1,900. Finding anything, no matter how small, for $800 is exceedingly rare.

And it’s not about money anyway for the young designer – he makes plenty. He has a good job and could afford a bigger place if he wanted one, but he doesn’t.

Like many people who are drawn to the “tiny house” movement, life is more about experiences than surrounding oneself with possessions to Tyler. He used to spend all day inside buildings and underground and hardly ever got a chance to enjoy the exciting city he lives in.

Now, he works largely from home, meaning it’s nice to get out when he’s not on the clock.

Folks online share their opinions on Tyler’s apartment:

One person expressed their concern about Tyler’s “fake door.”

“A fake door is the most depressing thing ever,” wrote one YouTube user.

“Never, ever am I complaining about my tiny *ss living space again. I swear all I need to do is clean. He must go out A LOT to escape that kind of cabin fever.”

“This is not an apartment. It is a rooming unit. An apartment in NYC has to be at least 400SF to be legal. Even a bedroom has to be 80SF. This is probably the 4th bedroom in an apartment.”

“WOW, he does most of his freelance work from home. So he’s basically in that shoebox all day long! There was me thinking he goes out to his day job to get away from the room. Oh, and sh*t, shower and shave too.”

Watch the video below for more details:

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