He Kept Noticing Food Disappearing, What He Caught On His Security Camera Dropped His Jaw…


New York City actor Joe Cummings set up surveillance in his home to catch the unwelcome houseguest after suspecting his girlfriend of eating his food.

He didn’t really notice it at first. But then, he realized that his food was vanishing. So, he restocked his fridge and pantry. Then, everything disappeared. He knew he didn’t eat it all, so it had to be someone else.

Naturally, all suspicions fell on her. So Cummings confronted his girlfriend for swiping his food, but after she denied it, he decided to set up a hidden camera in his kitchen to catch the thief.

While we’d all assume the next suspect would typically be a rodent, Cummings and his audience were in for a shock when he discovered who the real culprit was.

In the grainy night-vision footage, a figure is seen dropping out of a high cupboard, carefully stepping down onto a table and down onto the floor.

The woman then heads straight over to the sink, where she takes a leak before opening the fridge to grab some drinks and snacks.

After sitting down on the sofa and watching some telly, she then returns to the fridge for more food before hiding once again when she hears Joe coming.

According to reports, Cummings later called the police and the woman was arrested. It appears as though she had been living in his cupboard for two weeks.

Writing on YouTube, Cummings said:

“I have no idea how she got in there. The only way in is through the window as I am on the top floor and there is a fire escape. The police think she was probably coming in to rob me when I was gone and decided to stay in the crawl space.”

“Supposedly this isn’t the first time the cops had come across something like this.”

But it’s not just strangers that people have found in their homes, a woman recently revealed that she had a secret room.

Take a look at the freaky video for yourself:

Source: AWM

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