Gorka Just Handed Ban-Blocking A-Hole Judge News That Will Ruin Him, Hell Yes


Dr. Sebastian Gorka just laid down some truth that will fly right in the face of every liberal and especially the Judge that blocked Trump’s ban!

President Donald Trump made Dr. Sebastian Gorka his deputy assistant and he is an expert on the real danger of radical Islam. Gorka was infuriated over federal court Judge Derrick Watson blocking the executive order for a temporary travel ban.

From Conservative 101:

Said Gorka on Breitbart News Daily about Judge Watson’s rationale that Trump’s travel ban somehow represents anti-Muslim discrimination, “It’s very simple. There is absolutely no way on God’s earth that they can make that case, that this is something to do with xenophobia or a religious group.”

Gorka continued, “There is not one instance on the campaign trail or after the president took office in which the travel suspension was mentioned without reference to national security. It was never mentioned that we’re doing this because of a certain religious group. In every single instance, every campaign speech, every statement out of the White House after January 20, this measure was linked to the security of the United States.”

Libs need to look at what these countries say about us! How about “Death to America” that is being chanted in numerous countries! How about journalists & contractors being beheaded in numerous countries! How about the mess Europe is in now! Open your eyes!

This is only a temporary ban until better vetting can be established! What about the SECURITY of our tax paying CITIZENS?

We need to get rid of judges who no longer judge on law but only feelings. A civilized society will only prevail when the rule of law is upheld by its leaders. We are on the verge of anarchy.  America voted and we want our country back!

1 thought on “Gorka Just Handed Ban-Blocking A-Hole Judge News That Will Ruin Him, Hell Yes

  1. When a sitting Magistrate, elected or not, is unable to adjudicate cases exclusively on legal common law & merits, imposes either personal; religious; political and or racial bias common sense dictates he/she is impartial and prejudiced. Immediate grounds for removal should be actively pursued to protect the interest of the community, state, nation.

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