Illegal Immigration

A federal court Judge just ruled that children of illegal immigrants are not entitled to US citizenship.

Illegal immigrants are getting yet another wake up call under President Trump. Children of illegal immigrants who are born in the US, otherwise known as, “anchor babies” will not be entitled to US citizenship anymore. This will hopefully encourage immigrants to come over the legal way and gain citizenship her in America.

From Liberty is Viral:

The Court [said], “Plaintiffs have not presented any evidence which suggests Defendants have improperly focused on and excluded the matricula and foreign passport without visa as forms of secondary identification.”

The Court also concluded that Plaintiffs have failed, at this preliminary stage, to meet their burden of showing a substantial likelihood of success on the merits.

In denying relief at this juncture, the Court concluded in its summary that “although the Plaintiffs have provided evidence which raises grave concerns regarding the treatment of citizen children born to immigrant parents, this case requires additional determinations which can be made only upon development and presentation of an evidentiary record which thoroughly explores the facts and circumstances of the issues raised in this case.”

This is awesome news! It’s about time that a court in this country has waken up to some assembly of sense that these illegals are just here having children to suckle off the US system of freebies! Hallelujah!!

The 14th Amendment was NEVER intended to grant birth right citizenship to illegals but ensure former slaves could not be denied citizenship due to their prior condition. I hope this ruling really stands. What do you think of the new ruling? Please share below!


  1. Sounds great to me, because I immigrated in 1955 the legal way. Took me two years of waiting. Had to have a ‘Sponsor’ who vouched for me. Had to proof I had finished all my schooling, including tech school and had to proof that I could support myself. Had to proof that I had paid all my taxes back home to Feds, County , City and Church as well. Also had to proof that I had never been in trouble with the Laws in any way.
    Now, that had been the way to enter the USA as a legal immigrant for decades. What fouled it up is beyond me. Had to be the lack of spine by many Politicians who did not follow the Laws of the Land. This Country does not need any freeloaders. The hard working citizens should not have to pay for the upkeep of illegals, criminal or otherwise. FINI !!

  2. Its about time we show all the illegals the door. I work with one that was born here. His parents are illegal. His Dad has been deported twice. Now his parents live in CA. in a sanctuary city. He proudly brags about how he doesn’t have to pay taxes. He says because he doesn’t make enough money? Bull shit. I have been paying taxes since my first paycheck 43 years ago. He also gets a huge Federal refund every year. I asked how he does that, and he says you don’t have the right person doing your taxes. He thinks I’m stupid but I know he is doing something more illegally then being here. How I would love to shove him across the border. Arrogant, cocky, jackass.

  3. I work in travel industry and at least once a week check in adult with new baby only week’s old. The parents don’t even live here…another country, yet baby leaves with a U.S. passport. People come from all over the world, China, Russia just to deliver the babies here to get citizenship for the baby then go back to their country.

  4. I worked in the medical field for decades. The illegals come here to produce as many children as possible at taxpayer expense. They become American Citizen to qualify for many entitlements as American born children. The father is very much a part of the family. However, he is in the shadows. Employed, not paying taxes under the table salary.
    They live a very rich life style at the expense of the American Taxpayer. I agree no more Anchor Babies.

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