Wikileaks Has Just Issued A MAJOR WARNING To Anyone With A Windows Computer!


Wikileaks just released documents from the CIA’s “grasshopper” framework that was used to make malware for the Windows operating systems.

It is always a good idea to keep your computer protected with an anti-virus. There are virus’ that will shut your computer down and cause you to lose precious information if you don’t have it backed up.

But did you ever think that the CIA were the ones we’d have to worry about infecting our computers? Check out the information that Wikileaks just released.

From Has Gone Viral:

CIA malware re-installs itself every 22 hours by corrupting Windows Update – even if disabled.


The documents WikiLeaks publishes today provide an insights into the process of building modern espionage tools and insights into how the CIA maintains persistence over infected Microsoft Windows computers, providing directions for those seeking to defend their systems to identify any existing compromise

One of the persistence mechanisms used by the CIA here is ‘Stolen Goods’ – whose “components were taken from malware known as Carberp, a suspected Russian organized crime rootkit,” confirming the recycling of malware found on the Internet by the CIA.

These documents prove that the CIA recycles the malware that they find on the internet. If you read the documents released by Wikileaks it provides you with directions on how to protect your windows computer and how to identify any compromises that you may already have on your operating system. Check that out here


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