Facebook’s Top Lawyer Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL On Senate Floor On Robert Mueller

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Here we go again… And here comes the lawyers marching in.

Congress is set to grill Facebook, Twitter and Google this week for more news on how their platforms used by Russian sources tried to sway last years election between Trump and Hillary.

Colin Stretch is on Facebook’s general counsel and handles some of Facebook’s biggest legal problems.

Stretch has recently been leading Facebook’s investigation into Russian election meddling and has some big news about what is really going on behind the scenes.

Reported by libertywriters:

Under oath, one of Facebook’s top lawyers, Colin Stretch told the Senate Intelligence Committee, the total amount volume of Russian ads were approximate .004% of Facebook’s newsfeed.

That means that the entire storyline that the media has been running to say that Russia used Facebook to get Trump elected is totally false.

This needs to get out.

The media keeps on saying that fake news won Trump the election. That’s a total lie.

Trump won because Hillary was the worst candidate to ever run for the office.

We need to stop the Russia crap right now. 

Share this if you think that we need to kill off the Russia investigation. It is a complete fabrication.


2 thoughts on “Facebook’s Top Lawyer Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL On Senate Floor On Robert Mueller

  1. Mr. Colin Stretch ‘s comments should open the eyes of some democrats such as the Black Caucus , Rep Adam Schiff and Sen.. Schumer who tenaciously hold to the view that the Russians helped elect Trump ! How STUPID !

  2. The truth will come out about collusion but it won’t involve President Trump. The libs still can’t believe they didn’t win. I do agree that no matter whether it’s election year or not every media should have to verify and name their sources of information. I don’t give a damn about reporters not giving away their sources. They either give their source or it doesn’t get printed. That solves most of the problems.

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