Donald Trump Jr. Just Said What We Are All Thinking To Fauci!


Right now, I barely see improvement with the COVID situation and this entire thing is a convoluted mess.

So I can’t blame Don Jr. if he feels that way? So am I and I believed the majority are…

Joe and Kamala have been making a laugh about “Tump’s vaccine” prior to the election, and so the woke media are running around pooh-poohing making it sound as if it wasn’t safe to take.

Even after their magical appearance in the office, they still sent a very confusing message to the public, though they initially change their tune about the vaccine which they highly criticized before which is very ironic.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were running around the globe telling everyone how geat the vaccine works while they had a mask on – we had been watching them for months about their hypocritical works about being “vaccinated.”

Americans were scratching their heads. If the vaccine works so well, why were these two masked-up and social distancing still?

It was terrible and confusing messaging, so it’s no wonder that Americans were left wondering what the heck was going on.

And of course, the vaccine numbers dipped…and instead of admitting that they were off with the messaging, the WH instead comes out and blames “right-wing disinformation” for the low Vax numbers.

And when COVID numbers went up, they didn’t blame the hordes of people flooding into our country across the border, who are being placed into our neighborhoods.


They fuckin blamed us.

And now, that little worm Dr. Fauci is back, and excited to deliver more bad news – he’s now saying that the CDC will likely be forcing vaccinated people to wear masks again in public.

In other words, all the mask mandates and social distancing and probably lockdowns eventually, will be coming back.

And Don Jr. has officially had enough.

He took to Twitter where he sounded off on Fauci, and he was so angry, that he dropped a well-placed and well-deserved F-bomb on his head.

Take a look: “BECAUSE SCIENCE!!! In response, I’m going to choose my words very carefully here… F*ck You!”

“BECAUSE SCIENCE!!! In response, I’m going to choose my words very carefully here… F*ck You!”

He is right and I know that Don Jr. speaks right now for a lot of people.

In this COVID situation, Joe Biden has made it a complete and total mess.

His mishandling, misinformation, and his overall mental decline have led so many people to not trust what we’re seeing or hearing coming out of the White House.

This situation isn’t the American people’s fault – it’s Joe Biden and our government’s fault – and our media has also made it worse.

Here’s some comment from the folks online:

“blame the unvaccinated on this”

“You can still contract and spread covid with the vax, so it only makes sense to do both.

It’s your patriotic duty to protect other people.

Consider it like double masking, but backed by science and facts.”

“Then why did we get the vaccine? The unvaccinated should be wearing them, or staying home. I’m tired of this.”

“Not doing it EVER! Getting multiple vaccines and they want to cover you up and lock you down again.  Stand up and say NO!”

“It’s all part of government control and politics! People now need to stand up for their rights. Enough is Enough! Vaccinated  and not wearing a mask. Unvaxxed keep wearing a mask right to your coffin!”

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