Dem Lawmaker BUSTED! Facing Massive Prison Time!


It used to be that politicians at the very least, had some shred of dignity to them.

I have told the story time and time again how a local politician where I grew up used a town-owned truck to haul firewood without asking for permission from the town and paying for its use. It was an honest oversight on his part, but because he didn’t ask beforehand, he resigned from his position. He later ran again and got re-elected to the same position, mostly out of people admiring his honesty and dignity in handling the situation.

If this guy was a Democrat, he would have told the truck in the middle of the night.

A Virginia Democrat lawmaker was busted and charged with two felony counts of breaking the law instead. Because the crimes occurred in connection with the destruction of a Confederate monument, things aren’t as clear-cut as they should be.

State Senator Louise Lucas is looking at possible prison time for conspiracy to commit a felony and injury to a monument in excess of $1,000 – but it’s the Police Chief who’s worried about keeping her job, simply for filing the charges.

Portsmouth Police Chief Angela Greene dared to arrest Virginia state lawmaker Louise Lucas, along with a local school board member, staff from the public defender’s office and local NAACP leaders, for the intentional destruction of public property. Now, the backlash over doing her job and enforcing the law threatens her career.

The incident left one person critically injured when a trusted lawmaker decided to promote anarchy instead. On the afternoon of June 10, protesters started gathering at the Confederate monument commemorating the site of what used to be a slave whipping post. A “rally” was planned for the evening. Everyone knew it would really be a riot because they came armed with spray paint. Sergeant Kevin McGee estimates there were 150 people there and “at least 40 armed civilians.” Meanwhile, there were only five police officers.

In the course of the afternoon, NAACP president James Boyd and vice president Louie Gibbs were arrested for “trespassing at the monument,” and released. Shortly after, Senator Lucas arrived. The lawmaker approached the group of police officers. First, she allegedly “told them she spoke with the mayor and city manager.” After indicating the Black Lives Matter anarchists, she flatly declared, “They are going to put some paint on this thing, and y’all can’t arrest them.”

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