Hillary Supporter Pays The CONSEQUENCES For Skipping Work For Women’s Strike!

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On International Women’s day liberal women decided to protest by not showing up to work, calling it “a day without women.”

I guess they didn’t bank on not showing up to work to have consequences like, I don’t know, losing your job!

One woman out of who knows how many learned the hard way, that if you ditch work you will get fired. And she actually complained about it over Reddit! Blaming everyone but herself.

Apparently because her boss was a “SHE”, this woman thought that she would understand her absence from work to march “for women.” She accused her boss of not “giving a sh*# about women” because she wasn’t in support of her ditching work to march.

This woman is the epitome of a libtard! Seriously?? Now she wants to stage a protest outside the establishment because she was fired for being an unreliable employee. And as if she could be any less classy… she closes with “THIS PUSSY GRABS BACK!” Gross… no, just no!

What is wrong with these women, they certainly don’t stand for me!

From Tell Me Now:

This entitled liberal wasn’t the only person who learned that actions have consequences because of this strike.

Women’s March organizer and Sharia Law supporter Linda Sarsour was also arrested for blocking traffic outside of Trump Tower in New York. The video of her arrest is below. It’s as if they didn’t expect to be arrested for sitting in the street!

She wasn’t fired for just skipping work. She was fired for skipping work, arguing with her boss-in front of customers, even when they joined in, she continued to create a disturbance in her boss’s place of business.

She doesn’t understand that she’s there to make money for her boss. Not piss off paying customers. If she’s more than 16, I don’t hold out much hope for her. I can excuse a child…

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