SEE YA Starbucks! A REAL AMERICAN Coffee Company Plans To Hire 10,000 U.S. Veterans! OOH RAH!

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Starbucks thought they were on TOP… However, a New sheriff is in town and ready to take charge!

This is HUUUGE!

Reported by redstatewatcher,

While Starbucks vowed to hire 10,000 refugees in the wake of hysteria created around President Trump’s executive order, another coffee company has a better idea. Veteran-owned Black Rifle Coffee Company says they are planning to hire 10,000 vets!

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What a GREAT IDEA! Black Rifle would destroy STARBUCKS!


16 thoughts on “SEE YA Starbucks! A REAL AMERICAN Coffee Company Plans To Hire 10,000 U.S. Veterans! OOH RAH!

  1. Do your research. Starbucks already pledged to hire 10,000 vets and military spouses, as well as donate 30 Million Dollars to their cause. They’ve pledged to pay for employees’ college education. They’ve spent millions in helping homeless families, as well. This is just a sampling for all they’ve done for so many people from all walks of life.

    And the same people griping about them also offering jobs to refugees, will then turn around and complain if they need government assistance. SMH.

  2. I put in 26.5 years and used to go to Starbucks – that will never happen again and I will spread the word throughout the VFW and American Legions of this great nation.

  3. Starbucks is terrible coffee and I don’t understand why anyone with normal tastes would ever drink more than one cup of Starbucks!!!!!!!! After the first cup I never had another cup of Starbucks coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It’s a shame that in order for a company to pledge hiring 10,000 vets another company had to pledge something ridiculously stupid. I’ve never heard of Black Rifle Coffee. I sincerely hope their company is big enough, in size as well as conscience, to follow through with their announcement.

  5. Do your own research, Starbucks said they would hire vets….AFTER their comment about hiring refugees only bc they realized how bad it made them look.

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