NAACP Requires Photo ID to Attend Anti-Voter ID Protest… Wait – What? [VIDEO]

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The NAACP protests against voter-ID requirements and get this, you need your ID to attend the protest… Wait… What??

Is this real life?? I’m just completely dumbfounded right now. Even putting aside the hypocritical choice they made to require ID’s to attend the protest, protesting ID requirements makes NO SENSE.

I guess if you’re a democrat it does, how else are they supposed to get all of their extra votes? The NAACP marches annually against voter-ID laws. It’s called the “Moral March on Raleigh”. An “important do’s and don’t’s” list for the march was shared all over Facebook. Can you say, hypocrites??

You have to see this below:

Voting is the most important thing an American can do and it should be protected as such. Watch below…

Their excuse for the march is that it’s “racist” to require ID’s when minority’s have a “hard time” getting ID’s… Ummmm, why?? Why would a minority have a harder time getting an ID than any other person. This argument is just plain stupid.

We all know the real reason to protest… When all of America starts requiring voter ID it will really put a damper on voter fraud. And Trump’s investigation into voter fraud is going to crack it wide open!



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