CNN’s Ratings Since Trump Left Office Have Come In, And BOY Are They Bad!


From Jan. 21 to March 15 once President Joe Biden took office, the Atlanta-based cable news network lost nearly half of its prime-time audience in a key demographic — 47% of the 25-to-54 age group.

The CNN network has an average of 2.5 million primetime viewers between the day after the election— November 4, 2020 — and Inauguration Day on January 20, 2021, Fox News reported.

Since President Joe Biden was sworn in, however, those numbers have dropped dramatically. An average of 1.6 million viewers tuned in during primetime hours between January 21 and March 15, Fox News said. That’s a downturn of 36% since Biden took office.

In the period between December 28 through to January 20, primetime viewers also ditched CNN. The network haemorrhaged almost half (49%) of its primetime viewers, Fox News reported. An average of 3.1 million primetime fell to just 1.6 million, the media outlet reported.

However, on Election Day, CNN’s audience in the 8-11 p.m. primetime slot plunged 36% since Jan. 21.

CNN’s ratings also went down 49% to 1.6 million primetime viewers from Jan 20 to March 15, compared to an average of 3.1 million viewers from Dec. 28 to Jan. 20.

CNN saw a 34% drop, from 1.7 million tunings in Nov. 4-Jan. 20 to 1.1 million since Jan. 21 as for total day audience numbers.

During Trump’s presidency, CNN was often criticized for its negative coverage.

FOX News said the rating slump supported Ted Koppel’s 2018 assertion to CNN Chief Media Correspondent Brian Stelter that “CNN’s ratings would be in the toilet without Donald Trump.”

CNN’s rating slump looked even worse when the weeks immediately following Election Day are taken out of the data mix.

From Dec. 28, 2020, through Jan 20, CNN averaged 3.1 million primetime viewers, FOX News reported.

But then that number dropped 49 percent to 1.6 million from Inauguration Day to the present.
As for the key demographic of viewers’ ages, 25 to 54, Nielsen Media data showed CNN lost a monumental 58 percent of its viewers in the same period.

The network has lost almost half of its total day audience, too, FOX News reported.

According to Nielsen Media Research, CNN averaged 2.2 million total day viewers from Dec. 28, 2020, through Jan. 20, owing largely to viewers who flocked to the network for coverage of the Capitol riot.

CNN has said that Jan. 6 was the network’s most-watched day in history, Forbes reported.
However, Nielsen Media data showed the network has averaged only 1.1 million viewers since Jan. 20, a 48 percent decrease in total day viewership since President Trump left office, FOX News reported.

FOX News beat CNN and MSNBC in the ratings to retake the top spot as the most-watched cable news network in March, Forbes reported.

Nielsen Media data released Tuesday showed FOX News averaged almost 1.3 million total viewers across the entire day in March.

That was about 250,000 more viewers than MSNBC had and 460,000 more than CNN had.
It was a big change from the rating nosedive FOX News took after Election Day when many viewers became angry about the more conservative network’s election and post-election coverage, Forbes reported.

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