Chris Cuomo’s Accuser Just Went Public And She Is Scorching The Earth!


Chriss Cuomo just dragged CNN on his doings, well, either way, both are compromised.

Shelley Ross just does not want to stop releasing her anger towards the man who molested her.

She blasted CNN, alleging that women at CNN cannot complain about sexual harassment “because the person in charge has made it clear that Chris Cuomo can do anything he wants with impunity.”

Ross recalled the incident that triggered her column:

“He walked into the bar, walked right over to me, gave me a bear hug, slipped one hand down my body to my buttocks, and squeezed really hard on my cheek while saying, “I can do this to you now, now that you’re no longer my boss.” And I pushed him away and said, “No, you can’t.” And as I pushed him away and stepped back, it revealed that my husband was sitting on a very low ottoman, which you couldn’t see him. While I was talking to people I worked with, he was just sitting there drinking a Diet Coke, waiting to leave. … So he saw everything, it was right in front of him.”

“It was belittling; it was clearly a power trip,” she continued, I talked to my husband about it and And my husband has always said, and it’s interesting, I heard, when the editorial was published, I heard from Brian Rooney, who was an ABC correspondent, and he said to me he was the first person who called, early in the morning and said, ‘Shelley, I think there are two kinds of men in the workplace: one who behaves like Chris Cuomo, and the other cannot fathom ever behaving like that.’ He said, ‘I can’t imagine men handling one of my female colleagues …’ My husband always said that, that he would read about sexual harassment and he was a boss who hired lots of women and lots of female vice-presidents. He just couldn’t believe, ‘What am I, the nerd? I don’t get it.’ She added.

This has been the most controversial for Cuomo.

Source: DailyWire

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