CBS News Mandate About The Nashville Shooting Is Absolutely Insane…


In a controversial move, CBS News has reportedly instructed its reporters to avoid using the term “transgender” when describing the shooter involved in the recent Christian school tragedy. This decision comes despite the fact that Nashville police chief John Hale confirmed the shooter’s transgender identity. The network’s executives claim that the shooter’s gender identity is not confirmed by CBS News and has no known relevance to the crime, adding that they will revisit the issue if necessary.

However, the shooter’s gender identity was openly confirmed by Nashville Police Chief Jack Hale during a press conference following the incident. He stated that the shooter identified as transgender, and while the investigation is still ongoing, he mentioned the possibility of a connection between the shooter’s gender identity and the motive for the crime.

CBS News’ decision to avoid mentioning the shooter’s gender identity has been met with backlash, as critics argue that withholding information is not in line with journalistic integrity. A CBS insider commented that the network’s executives appear to be “twisting themselves in knots” to censor information about the shooter’s gender identity due to their own “liberal bias,” which is a “disservice” to viewers.

The network may face challenges when the shooter’s manifesto is eventually released, as it is expected to reveal the shooter’s motives, struggles, and emotional issues. A source says, “You can’t avoid who this person is,” and argues that the decision not to mention the shooter’s gender identity was not an editorial one, but rather one based on personal feelings.

In the aftermath of the shooting, thousands of protesters stormed the Tennessee State Capitol to demand stricter gun control measures. Parents, children, and other community members gathered in the Capitol rotunda and filled the hallways and steps of the building. Protest organizer Maryam Abolfazli, a “simple mama,” expressed her belief in the potential for change and her refusal to accept “irrational policymaking.”

As emotions run high and tensions rise, the public deserves accurate and unbiased reporting on the case. Journalistic integrity is vital in providing the necessary information for readers and viewers to form their own opinions on the matter.

It is crucial that news organizations provide accurate and comprehensive information to the public. By omitting relevant details about the shooter’s identity, CBS News may be undermining its credibility and doing a disservice to its viewers. The public deserves the full picture to understand the nuances of such tragic incidents, and it is the responsibility of the media to deliver the facts without bias or censorship.

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  1. As we already see how these fake news groups are attempting to shape the new narrative. This story will slowly die out. Swept under the rug!!!

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