BLM THUGS Forcibly Shutting Down Businesses For One HATEFUL Reason!


BLM terrorists shut down a block of businesses in New York because it “insulted” them for the businesses to be open on Malcolm X’s birthday.

Annually, they mob roved through 125th Street in Harlem on Wednesday and forced businesses to honor Malcolm X by closing the shop.

Said and yelled by a woman activist, “Every store on 125th Street was notified that it is Malcolm X’s birthday, so if you’re open, we take that as disrespect!”

Watch it here:

Also, a Fitness shop in 125th Street in Harlem dared to stay open so the mob of Black Lives Matter terrorists shut them down on Wednesday. The store was identified as “A Planet Fitness” confirmed by Keith Boykin on his Twitter account.

Watch it here:

Source: The Gateway Pundit

5 thoughts on “BLM THUGS Forcibly Shutting Down Businesses For One HATEFUL Reason!

  1. It’s going to get worse. Keep defunding the police. Eventually America will be going back to the days of the old wild west.

  2. I have NO respect for bullies and that is exactly what these BLM terrorists are! Shame on them for all of the damage they have done and will continue to do, but even if our government won’t punish them, God will!

  3. How long before the thugs in BLM institute their own version of the “old-time” protection racket?

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