BIG SPLIT?!: Bill and Hillary Clinton No Longer Speaking After Blow-up Over Hillary’s Book

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It’s an all out war between Hillary and her husband as top sources claim the couple is no longer talking to each other.

Honestly, it puts the pieces together since they haven’t lived in the same house for quite some time now.

Bill Clinton even tried editing Hillary’s latest book and throwing it in the trash, and Hillary wouldn’t have it calling her husband an “old fool.”

This woman is sure making a lot of enemies including her own husband.

I guess the ‘great’ Clinton dynasty is over and the couple just has nothing to talk about anymore.

Reported by foxnews:

Bill and Hillary Clinton are no longer speaking to one another after a fight over edits to the former Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign memoir, according to a controversial author and journalist who has covered the Clintons for years. 

Ed Klein, who says he has reliable sources close to the former first family, told “Fox & Friends” on Friday that former President Bill Clinton threw a manuscript of Hillary’s new book, “What Happened,” in the trash after she ignored his advice not to publish it. The book recounts her experience throughout the 2016 presidential election. 

“He told her she looked angry and out of touch,” Klein told “Fox & Friends,” claiming Bill was giving Hillary constructive criticism and trying to help edit, but “she didn’t listen to him.”

“He tried to edit it and she would have nothing to do with it,” Klein said.

When asked for comment, Clinton representatives sharply disputed Klein’s reporting. 

‘[N]ow that she lost, it looks to me that the Clinton dynasty is over, and they don’t have much to talk about anymore.’

– Ed Klein

“Ed is a sad man,” Hillary Clinton’s spokesman Nick Merrill told Fox News on Friday. 

“And a pathetic liar,” Bill Clinton press secretary Angel Urena added in an email to Fox News. 


Klein, a former New York Times Magazine editor, has long been decried by liberal media watchdogs as a “conspiracy theorist,” while the Clintons and other Democrats have in the past denied some of his more sensational charges about the Clintons’ personal life and political feuds.

The Daily Mail first reported on Klein’s latest allegations.

According to Klein, tensions for the power couple mounted a month before the election, when he said Bill warned Hillary that she was “losing” and not “polling,” blaming her lack of visits to rust-belt states. But Hillary allegedly accused him of “not understanding modern data collection techniques,” and called him “out of touch.”

“Basically, she called him an old fool,” Klein said.

Klein said there has been “tension” between the two for years, including stretches where they haven’t talked – referencing the Monica Lewinsky scandal – but said this time may be different.

“They haven’t lived together for a long time. Once in a while, they get together for photo-ops,” Klein said. “… But they’ve been on the phone together for years and years talking about politics.”

Klein added: “But now that she lost, it looks to me that the Clinton dynasty is over, and they don’t have much to talk about anymore.” 

Klein’s new book, “All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump,” will be released later this month. 


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