An Armed Thug Was SHOT Robbing A Family Dollar, His Family’s Response Will Make You See Red…


The family of a man shot in Mobile, Alabama after he tried to rob a nearby shop is attacking the good Samaritan who fired the shot.

When someone does something insane, such as commit a crime, they are usually held accountable for their irrational decisions, regardless of the reason or who they are. However, this isn’t the case for one man, after learning of his criminal exploits, his family wasn’t upset when he was shot while robbing a nearby Family Dollar shop. They responded startlingly in a way you wouldn’t believe!

Adric White is an example of someone who doesn’t make the best life decision.

White, 18, thought he knew what he was doing when he broke into and entered a Family Dollar, he held the employees’ hostage at gunpoint and demanded that the cashier hand over all the cash. He ordered them around, acting like a big shot, making demands, and feeling strong when they were carried out.

The situation changed, however, when a kind stranger with a valid permit to carry a concealed weapon pulled a gun and confronted the young armed robber.

Unfortunately for White, his plans to rob the store and get away failed, due to the heroism of a good Samaritan, who was inside the Family Dollar doing some shopping.

When the Good Samaritan arrived on the scene, he pointed his gun at White and motioned for him to remain still. White, however, was not going to allow his greatness to be so easily taken from him. He turned around to stare at the Good Samaritan rather than paying attention. White took five shots after warning the robber not to move, which knocked him out and made it possible for others to restrain him and take the gun away from him.

As Fox10 reported, “He had the gun to his head. He had him on his knees,” the good samaritan recalled, describing the scene that played out in front of him involving White and the employee. “I drew my gun on him and I said, ‘Hey don’t move.’”

But Adric White ignored his request. Although he “didn’t want to shoot him,” the concealed carry hero fired five rounds, knocking the would-be thief to the ground. “At that point, he swung around, and before he had a chance to aim the gun at me, I fired,” the good Samaritan recalled. White was shot five times in unspecified places, and after being hit, he was taken to a local hospital to receive medical attention.

Adric White managed to survive the shooting despite suffering five gunshot wounds, but his ego received the largest impact. After receiving medical attention, he was accused of armed robbery. When his family found out what was going on, they became furious because they couldn’t understand why the man with the concealed carry permit could shoot White.

The man shouldn’t have shot White, the family argued. He should have simply turned away and avoided becoming involved. They were furious, but not with White, who was already a repeat offender at that point. Instead, their anger lies with the good Samaritan who shot the robbery suspect.

Watch it here: Youtube/TRN

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