ALERT: Republican Headquarters Hit With Sick Firebomb Attack!


Pro-abortion terrorist attacks continue…these violent extremists are targeting Conservative voices across the country.

The latest attack on Monday wherein a pro-life Republican politician had his office firebombed marks the 17th arson attack since the SCOTUS leak, and it seems violence has no sign of stopping.

Two masked individuals smashed a window and threw a lit flare into Washington state House Rep. Andrew Barkis’ office building in Olympia, Washington.

Security footage shows two men approaching the office building before breaking the window with a hammer and throwing a flaming flare into the building, which Barkis owns and is leased by the House Republican Organizational Committee, My Northwest reported.

Fortunately, the flare landed on the masonry floor but was unable to light the building on fire.

You can watch the video below:

The incident involving pro-abortion terrorists was first broke by The Post Millenial:

Two individuals were caught in a video vandalizing and attempting to set fire to the Washington state House Republican election campaign office early Monday morning.
In a video posted to Republican Representative J.T. Wilcox’s Twitter account, the two suspects can be seen approaching the building with a hammer and a flare.

One suspect, wearing jeans and a black sweatshirt, busted out windows to the office building with a hammer as he shielded his identity behind a mask. After the windows were shattered, the second suspect, wearing khaki shorts, a gray sweatshirt and a bucket hat, followed shortly behind and threw a lit flare inside the building.
Both suspects are believed to be males, but it is not yet confirmed.

Wilcox announced that they were “fortunate” that the building survived after the lit flare was tossed onto the masonry floor of Representative Andrew Barkis’ office, which also houses the office of the House Republican Organizational Committee. The office building includes offices for a business owned by Barkis.

“Early this morning a window was smashed and a lit flare was tossed into the office of my seatmate, Andrew Barkis. The building also houses the office of the House Republican election campaign. Fortunately the flare landed on a masonry floor and the building survived,” the House Minority Leader said on Twitter.

Seriously, is this just the new normal now? When a court decision doesn’t go their way, will the liberals immediately begin recruiting arsonists on the dark web to start burning buildings down?

This is all being done to try to influence courts and public opinion. Where are the Democrats’ calls to combat domestic terrorism? We already know the answer to that question because you could barely get any of them to condemn all of the arson and looting during the BLM riots.

Why would they start condemning this new trend if the firebombings are being done “for the right reason?”

Sources: WLT, The Post Millenial

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