This week, gas in Virginia reached an all-time high of $7 per gallon.

The astronomical price tag came after Virginia Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency in response to the ransom cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline.

Laura Perrot of 8 News posted pictures on Twitter from a BP gas station in Richmond, where 87 octane gases was $6.99. She pointed out that the price was not announced until you arrived at the gas station.

Although the hackers are to blame for the price increase, the Biden administration’s policies aren’t helping to keep gas prices down.

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland recently reversed a dozen separate energy policy directives enacted during the Trump administration, declaring that her top priorities will be to combat climate change and transition to public lands’ “green energy capacity.”

Hot Air wrote in April, “During Donald Trump’s presidency, America went from being reliant on foreign (and sometimes hostile) nations to holding a role as a dominant global power in energy production,” In the oil and gas market, the country solidified its status as a net exporter of energy in 2019 and 2020. Gas prices were kept low for long periods of time due to plentiful supplies from our refineries. As coal-fired power plants switched to cheaper and cleaner natural gas burners, increased production of clean-burning natural gas resulted in lower home heating costs and steep declines in coal production (which the green warriors should have been ecstatic about but gave Trump no credit for). It was one of the Trump administration’s hallmark achievements.”


1 thought on “ALERT: Gas Has Hit SEVEN DOLLARS A GALLON!

  1. Great. I hope it goes to $10.00 a gallon. The gullible voter, voted for all of this. They listened to all the B.S., hype, disinformation and propaganda from the propaganda arms of the liberal commie Democrats to get rid of Trump. well, they get rid of Trump and Gas in Va. is $7.00 a gallon. That’s what they pay in Europe, Lying Corrupt Quid Pro King Joe wants a govt, patented after Communist China and an America like Socialist Europe. Someone has to pay for all this free stuff. This is not an excuse for America to go all electric vehicles. What you going to o when the Russian Hackers, knock out the electric grid. If they can knock out the pipeline, they can knock out the electric grid. Where are the climate’er’s going to plug in their vehicles? America and it’s citizens are going to be made to suffer because of the liberal commie Democrats. The Democrats aren’t imune from any of this. THey will go over the falls and take the Republicans for the ride.

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