ALERT: Chinese Fleet Moving At High Speed Toward American Naval Base!


On Tuesday, a U.S. naval base in Japan spotted China’s largest aircraft carrier group assembled to conduct some combat training exercises.

This news was confirmed by multiple Chinese media sources translated by Daily Caller News Foundation.

According to a Tuesday report from China’s Observer News, China’s aircraft carrier “Liaoning,” as well as seven other vessels, are reportedly performing a naval expedition in close proximity to Nagasaki, Japan, and the U.S. Navy base at Sasebo.

The USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier is also in the vicinity, according to the report.

On May 2, the U.S. Naval Institute fleet tracker placed both the USS Abraham Lincoln, as well as the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier in the waters near Sasebo.

More details of this translated news of Daily Daily Caller News Foundation from Chinese media sources:

China’s naval expedition comes a week after its military reportedly shadowed a U.S. Navy destroyer conducting a freedom of navigation exercise in the Taiwan Strait last Tuesday.

China’s military news outlet confirmed its nation’s aircraft carrier group was operating in the western Pacific Ocean in a Tuesday bulletin translated by the DCNF, but stated the “routine training operation” was “not directed against any party.”

The total tonnage for this iteration of the Liaoning’s aircraft carrier group is reportedly the largest formation ever assembled in the history of the People’s Liberation Army Navy, according to an opinion piece from China’s Tencent News translated by the DCNF.

The aircraft carrier group’s estimated collective “long-range precision strike capability” also reportedly surpassed that of any U.S. aircraft carrier formation, China’s NetEase News claimed, according to a translation.

In addition to the Liaoning aircraft carrier, the Chinese naval formation is reportedly composed of four destroyers, a guided-missile frigate, and a supply ship, according to the report from The Observer.

While no Chinese submarines were identified as serving within the Liaoning aircraft carrier formation, the opinion piece from Tencent News does “not rule out” that a People’s Liberation Army nuclear submarine is also operating alongside the strike group, citing the standard operating procedures of U.S. aircraft carrier groups which reportedly are always escorted by such vessels.

Sources: WND, Tencent News, NetEase News, Observer News, DailyCaller

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