USA POLITICS TODAY| John McCain and Lindsey Graham have always been completely against Donald Trump and now that he is President and having achieved something that they have both tried to do and failed miserably they are beyond jealous.

McCain and Graham have been trying to tear down President Trump from day one and Trump has remained mostly silent to them betraying their own party’s President, now President Trump has finally spoken out against them.

President Trump only took the time for 1 tweet and that’s all he needed to shut down both of the failed presidential candidates.

Both Graham and McCain have spoken out against President Trump’s quick actions with executive orders and now they have spoken out against his ban on immigrants and refugees from terrorist connected countries.

What would seem to be a no brainer and something that Obama has already done with his 6 month ban on immigrants from Iraq after threats of attacks, but the media fails to bring that up.

That’s why President Trump stepped up and shut them all down!

If Lindsey Graham and John McCain had their way, we would be fighting Hillary’s war against Russia right now, but now they are angry about the stabilization and security of our country finally being thought of.

The 8 year wait is over, and we finally have a President that puts America before everyone else like so many other countries around the world do. It’s time for Americans to see the real message behind the banning of Muslims from radical Islamic terrorist connected countries.

President Trump made a promise to the American people during the campaign trail and now he is following through on it.

The mainstream media and liberals can twist the facts all they want but President Trump is looking out for the people instead of sacrificing our country and citizens for the rest of the world.

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