THE GLOBAL DESTRUCTION OF ISIS AND AL QAEDA HAS BEGUN: Trump Sends US Elite Forces in Deadly Raid in Yemen!


Trump just started destroying the main terrorist global groups that are fighting against the US and Israel – ISIS and Al Qaeda! Elite US forces launched a dawn raid against Al-Qaeda in Yemen on Sunday, killing at least 14 suspected jihadists in an operation in which an American soldier also died.

US President Donald Trump said Americans were saddened at the news of the death of a “heroic service member“. The assault marked Washington’s first major military action in Yemen under Trump, who has vowed to step up the US fight against Islamic extremism.

The US military said the raid in the Yakla region of Baida province killed 14 members of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), which Washington views as the global network’s most dangerous branch.

A Yemeni provincial official gave a higher toll of 41 presumed militants and 16 civilians killed in the raid, including eight women and eight children.

Washington did not specify how the US soldier died. It said three more American servicemen were injured in the raid along with a fourth who was hurt in a “hard landing”.

This was expected, Trump promised that he is going to destroy them so he delivers the promise today! Unfortunately, we paid the price for that, one US soldier has died and three are injured.

But we have to pay that price if we want to leave in secured world and if we want US to be safe. The freedom and liberty comes always with a price! That’s why we always should pay huge respect and love to our soldiers!

Our brave soldiers are the best we have! Because of their bravery and sacrifice we are free and secure and number one in the world!

Trump promise to take care about our vets and our soldiers, we should rise their salaries, we should give them better equipment and better weapons, and we should give them all the freedom they need to do the job!

America is founded on the bones and wounds of our soldiers and our policeman, they are the backbone of AMERICA!



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