A Tax The Rich Democrat Has Been Caught Hiding Millions In A Foreign Tax Haven…


In a stunning display of hypocrisy, it has recently come to light that New York Democratic Rep. Daniel Goldman, a vocal advocate for combating income inequality, has a staggering $32.2 million stashed away in offshore tax havens, such as the Cayman Islands. Goldman’s wealth only serves to underline the blatant double standards present in the Democratic Party, where their actions seldom match their rhetoric.

The vast fortune in question is used to finance Rep. Goldman’s philanthropic organization, the Richard W. Goldman Foundation, which has been contributing to charitable causes for over a decade. While this may seem laudable, it is crucial to note that Goldman holds the position of financial director at the foundation, granting him authority over how its assets are managed. As per House Ethics disclosures made by the congressman himself in July 2022, he will retain a seat on the foundation’s board of advisors.

Despite his own questionable financial dealings, Rep. Goldman has vocally supported Joe Biden’s proposed tax hikes on high-income earners and corporations as part of this year’s budget revisions. He has even gone so far as to assert that “the wealthiest members of society should be doing their part to make sure everyone can work towards achieving their dreams.” This empty rhetoric rings hollow, considering the congressman’s own use of tax shelters to protect his vast fortune.

Goldman was also quick to express his approval for the proposed Billionaire Minimum Income Tax legislation, claiming it would “encourage investment into our economy” and provide opportunities for marginalized individuals. Yet, his actions expose the undeniable duplicity of Democrats, who preach one thing and practice another.

It’s worth remembering that the issue of offshore accounts was a significant point of contention during Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign when Democrats painted him as a tax evader. Likewise, Senator Elizabeth Warren has been a vocal critic of tax loopholes that benefit the elite while leaving hardworking small business owners struggling to make ends meet.

Rep. Goldman hails from a wealthy family with ties to Levi Strauss & Co., and his estimated net worth ranges from a staggering $64 million to $253 million. This revelation about his offshore accounts not only lays bare the dishonesty of his support for wealth redistribution but also casts a shadow over the entire Democratic Party.

Source: Uafreport

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