A New Poll Has Revealed That Biden And His RINOS Are In Big Trouble!


Democrats have been dealing with these multiple issues and crisis months after Joe Biden took over the White House.

They’ve dealt with the Southern Border crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic, a contested election, the Governor Cuomo scandal, and now the withdrawal from Afghanistan and considering that it’s not yet a year after he had been in the office.

During these few months, he already struggled in handling these crises and fumbled his way through every problem.

Vice President Kamala Harris is also missing in action when people expect her during these times; she’s also nowhere to be found. Though Democrats can still manage their positions, for now, a new survey was released and this sounded not good for Biden and his friends.

The said survey was conducted by Emerson College, they asked over 1,000 likely voters who they would vote for in the 2024 election.

Here’s an excerpt from Wayne Dupree report:

The national survey, which was conducted between August 30 to September 1st, asked registered voters who they would likely vote for in the upcoming election if former President Donald Trump was to run again.

Surprisingly, given all the hate Trump garnered, it appeared voters are in desperate need of leadership as Trump beat Biden 47% to 46%.

Just the latest survey to show that Biden’s likelihood of being reelected is slim, the college also understood the fact that Trump was yet to say if he was running or not. So, the survey asked voters who would win between the polar opposite of Trump – Mitt Romney and Biden. In the old-school political election, Biden won in a landslide victory 42% to 23% for Romney.

Given that the GOP is highlighting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis right now as he battles COVID-19 and the Democrat’s mask mandates, the survey found that DeSantis came within a 12 points margin of beating Biden, but yet only Trump was able to edge out a victory on President Biden.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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