A Marine Dad Put A Sticker On His Car, Then He Got A Note That Changed It All On His Windshield…. [VIDEO]


Lewis Alexander‘s son is a Marine serving overseas. As a proud parent, Lewis has stickers on his car to show his support. So imagine his surprise when he went to the store and came back to find a hateful note on his car insulting his son and the military. I can’t believe someone would say that.

One of the stickers reads, “Proud parent of a U.S. Marine.”

Lewis was in disbelief when he found an obscene note directed toward himself and his son in his car parked at a store. The note contained an expletive and read, “F**k you and your son. I hope he dies.”  

“I got back in my car, and I was about to put it in reverse, and then I looked at the note again, and it really hit me that ‘Wow, this person is evil!” Alexander said.

“He wanted to make a difference in the world, and this was his choice,” said mother Tami Alexander.

Lewis immediately called the Sheriff’s Office to report the note that they said made him so upset he cried.

The Sheriff’s Office shared the note on their Facebook page Friday afternoon, stating they couldn’t “undo the message,” but they could use the opportunity to say thank you to all service members and their families.

“We can’t undo the message, and we almost hate to share it, but we decided we could use it as an opportunity to say thank you. Please join us. To this man in Deltona, to anyone who’s served or is serving our country, and to all the families who sacrifice precious months and years with a loved one: THANK YOU and your son, daughter, husband, wife, relative or friend for what you’ve given us. We hope each and every man and woman comes home safe, although we know our world is not a safe place, and not everyone gets that homecoming. Our families are veteran families, too. We can’t put a note on every windshield, but we can say it here: We respect you, we support you and we’re here for you at home.”

“I was really upset and angry, and after seeing all the posts I’m relieved,” Lewis said. “It turned a really negative experience into a positive one.”

Alexander said his 20-year-old son Chance Alexander is a Lance Corporal who has been overseas for two years now, and they don’t know when he will be home. Lewis said it’s difficult because they aren’t allowed to know where he is and they don’t get to speak with him often.

“You just never know when a car pulls in your driveway who it it will be — the Chaplain or who,” Lewis said. “Yesterday was just a really rough day. I love our community … that person who left that note has a lot of issues, but I forgive them.” 

Volusia County residents and people from across the country had commented, expressing their gratitude for the man, his son, and all service members and their disgust with the note.

Facebook user Sheila Boggs said, “Thank you for service and our freedom. There are those out there that don’t know, understand or care but one day they will be wanting our military protection. God bless you, your son and all our military men and women.”

John Albert said, “Thank your son for his service and thank you sir for raising a man with morals. My youngest son serves as well, as did I, we’ve both seen the ignorance of some people out there who just don’t get it! These low life idiots don’t understand if it weren’t for those who serve they wouldn’t have the liberties that they have!”

Other people commented calling for Wal-Mart to release video of the man who left the note, and said he should be caught and punished for the “hate crime.”

Sheriff’s spokesman Gary Davidson said Saturday that the placing of the note is not a crime, and there isn’t anything the Sheriff’s Office can investigate.

The Sheriff’s Office said they can’t put a note on every windshield, but they would like to say, “We respect you, we support you and we’re here for you at home.”

Watch the video report below:

Source: AWM

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  1. I enlisted and served in the US Army Cavalry in the 60’s, and I looked at this service as the dues I paid for being allowed to live in the greatest country in the world. After being overseas in several countries and having traveled all over the USA before I joined the Army I realized just how lucky and proud I am of my country. I live in an area that is home to a lot of VETS from many different branches of the service and they all feel the same way I do. My son retired from the USAF after 20 years, and lives in a state that is not real friendly to VETS, and I have a cousin that lives in the land of fruits and nuts and he is not the happiest camper either. If it wasn’t for us VETS you all would be living in a real shit hole.

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