A Bully Suckerpunched An Innocent Cheerleader, Then Karma Rained Down On That Bully Hard…


A shocking yet satisfying video was uploaded on Twitter and which shows a small cheerleader in California viciously punching a bully who had challenged her to a fight.

The bully had been challenging her to fight. To get things started, the bully threw the first punch.

The video shows Savannah Sprague, a cheerleader for the Clayton Valley Charter High School, Concord, engaged in a graphic confrontation with an unidentified bully, who had provoked her to a fight as she sat at a table tells the bully she is not interested in a fight.

The bully can be heard asking Savannah if she wants to fight. Savannah was sitting with other teammates while wearing a cheerleading uniform.

Savannah responded, saying, “Nobody wants to fight. Nobody speaks on you guys. Nobody talks about you guys.”

The girl then approaches the cheerleader, who tells her to get her finger off her face. The bully asks Savannah about her intentions, and she says:

“I’m not going to fight because I don’t want to fight you.”

After the other girl pushes her, she yells at her, saying, “Don’t f*cking touch me.”

After that, the girl took a swing and struck Savannah. Following the punch, the cheerleader quickly retaliated with a series of punches and flipped her larger opponent to the ground.

She then got on top of the bully and landed even more shots.

How this tiny girl managed to flip her opponent is beyond me. You can clearly tell the bully is at least two times bigger than her. The adrenaline I tell you, that’s what it has to be! Or maybe she just has really good strength? Teach me your ways, cheerleader!

Eventually, the brutal fight was broken up by bystanders and the bully walked away from the cheerleaders. Now, I don’t condone violence and think that violence is definitely not the answer to any situation, but I am going with the cheerleader on this one.

She clearly told the bully numerous times that she didn’t want to fight and asked her not to touch her. But no, what does the bully do? She physically attacks her. Honestly, the bully deserved it.

Sierra Sprague, the cheerleader’s sister, posted the clip of the fight on Twitter, captioning it:

“so my little sister got in a fight tonight and i don’t think i’ve ever been more proud, with her phone in her hand & everything lmao THATS MY MF SISTER LETS GOOOOOOO.”

When commenters asked if her sister faced any disciplinary action, Sierra stated that she was not in any trouble despite the fact that she was wearing her school uniform.

Watch the video below:

Sources: AWM, Daily Mail

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