What A Wedding Guest Brought Has Left A Bride Totally Fuming!


A wedding is a beautiful occasion for a couple to come together and profess their love in front of all of their friends and family members and to commemorate their life-long commitment to one another.

But not this wedding celebration we are about to share, because weddings sometimes can bring out the worst in people.

A bride has revealed a guest’s unbelievable act at her wedding reception, leaving social media reeling.

One wedding guest’s behavior led a woman who says she got married in western Pennsylvania to share a scathing post in the private Facebook group, “That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming,” in which she wrote that the guest arrived with to-go containers to take food home from the buffet-style reception.

“My husband and I had a very small wedding ceremony and reception. Probably about twenty-five people were invited. Only close family and a handful of friends. I invited my dad’s BFF, so he’d have someone to socialize with other than my mom (since they literally spend twenty-four-seven with each other). Plus, his friend has always been good to me. Anyway, a few days before the wedding, my dad’s friend asked him if it was okay if his daughter and her husband came, and I didn’t have a problem with it.”

The bride was so outraged by the situation that she also shared it on Reddit, the woman revealed how the guest – who she didn’t know well – arrived at the celebration with 10 Tupperware containers.

The bride wrote on Reddit:

“So she shows up, without her husband, but with about ten Tupperware containers, to take food. We had a buffet-style wedding (I’m Polish in Western PA, and it’s kind of tradition in our area), and we had a cookie table (look it up – also (Polish) tradition, and amazing).”

With her food containers at the ready, the woman begins to load up on leftovers.

“She loaded up seven Tupperware containers with food to take home, took about three containers of homemade cookies, a couple of bottles of beer, and most of the centerpieces. I didn’t notice any of this because I was too busy with the whole wedding – but my dad told me about it the next day. And when he opened up our ‘gift’ from her, she gave us $5. Not even kidding. A five-dollar bill.

The bride then wrote:

“Before anyone asks, she’s not poor by any stretch of the imagination. She’s probably better off than I am, and I’m assuming it’s because she just freeloads from anyone and everyone she can! But seriously! Who the f**k does this?”

Online folks were quick to sympathize with her, with many calling the woman’s actions “rude” and “tacky.”

One person wrote, “That is incredibly rude and tacky. I would be so upset if someone did that at my wedding.”

Another said, “That is beyond tacky and rude. I would be pissed too. What a b****!”

And one more added, “I would have been so upset if someone had done that at my wedding! That is just so rude and tacky!”

Many responses to the post agreed with the bride that her guest’s actions were unacceptable, but a few commenters pointed out that the leftover food likely would have gone to waste anyway.

What do you think about this wedding guest’s behavior? Were you surprised that no one stopped her during the reception? Let us know, and be sure to pass this along to your loved ones.

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