She Refused To Pull the Plug On Her Man, Then After Years He Woke Up…


When we walk down the aisle, we say our vows to each other, and if you stick with the traditional ones? That means you are agreeing to remain with your partner at all times, in sickness and in health.

“Til death do us part” is the agreement that we make, although there are many who are forced to break these vows for reasons that they are not always able to plan for.

Essentially, we agree to love one another no matter what. The couples that are able to grow together serve as shining examples of what can happen when love becomes stronger and stronger over the years. This story, in particular, will have you reaching for the tissues. The couple vowed to stay married until one of them died and this wife took that to heart.

On top of remaining by his side for the entirety of his life, she was going to do everything in her power to keep him alive.

On July 11, life changed forever for newlyweds Matt and Danielle Davis. Matt was riding his motorcycle when he hit a car parked illegally on a lane. After nine days of life support, doctors gave Danielle grieved news.

Her husband had a 90% chance of never regaining consciousness, so they suggested taking him off life support. But Danielle was not ready to give up and neither was Matt when he awoke from his coma three months later.

Danielle took Matt home where she and her mom could care for him 24/7. Their love story and Matt’s will to live is truly inspiring.

Weeks later, Matt was able to whisper, “I’m trying,” which was confirmation to Danielle that she had done the right thing by preventing doctors from turning off his life support. However, there was one catch: Matt didn’t remember anything from the previous three years … including his marriage to Danielle.

Together they worked to get Matt to do the things his therapist had him doing in rehab, simple things like holding up an object and asking him to reach out and take it from them. Danielle remembers the day he reached out and grabbed a toy motorcycle. “It doesn’t sound like much but to us, it was a miracle.”

Physically, things started improving but the trauma to his brain took longer to heal. He has struggled to regain his long-term memory and is unable to remember Danielle from before the crash. When he came out of the coma, he had no idea who she was. They have had to get to know each other all over again.

It took some time for Matt to regain his sense of humor. But, one moment made Danielle realize her husband still had the same quirky personality. He had asked for his favorite meal, which was a buffalo chicken wrap from Cheddars. “He whispered but I know I heard him right, Cheddars was his all-time favorite before the accident!”

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