While Democrats Obsessed Over ‘Travel Ban-gate’, Sen. Cotton Just SLIPPED SOMETHING AMAZING THROUGH CONGRESS!

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Republicans are learning some moves from the Democrats.

While Democrats have been so hyper-focused on this immigration ban, Senator Cotton slipped right past them with this immigration reform bill!

The Democrat party is falling apart. They are so hell-bent on destroying President Trump and his Administration that they fail to do their jobs in looking out for America and our best interests as a country. Good thing for us that the Republicans are doing their jobs.

From President 45 Donald Trump: Senator Tom Cotton revealed the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act. The bill would lower the number of overall immigrants that are allowed into America legally every year as well as the number of refugees that America admits.

This bill would eliminate the lottery system that grants 50,000 immigrants green cards every year as well as cap the number of refugees allowed at 50,000.

Senator Tom Cotton is focused on one mission and one mission only, that is to serve his fellow citizens. This man right here is doing his job! America first!

Senator Cotton did an excellent job and his timing was perfect! While Democrats were focused on the immigration ban he slid this one right through!

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7 thoughts on “While Democrats Obsessed Over ‘Travel Ban-gate’, Sen. Cotton Just SLIPPED SOMETHING AMAZING THROUGH CONGRESS!

  1. We have needed immigration reform for at least the past 12 years. Americans are fed up with our country being turned in to a cesspool with people from the middle east. I have no beef with the Mexicans, they are hard working people, just come in legally and you won’t get deported or thrown in jail.

  2. WONDERFUL…WE THE PEOPLE are done, we are tired of all the corrupt, lying, cheating, stealing swapees.. OUR America needs to be fixed and changed !! Thank you for your leadership, PRESIDENT Trump ! We stand behind you. We want a safe country. Stop the illegal immigrants…Build the wall. DRAIN THE SWAMP.

  3. Time to go back to how it used to be! I married an American, came with him with a visitor’s visa, had to apply for RESIDENCE, waited (several months) to be APPROVED, once I received my GREEN CARD, (had to be renewed
    EVERY YEAR!) I had to wait 5 YEARS to request CITIZENSHIP. I was already the mother of an USA born daughter, but, I followed the LAW! And went through all the requisites to become a PROUD CITIZEN OF THE USA ! THAT, MY FRIENDS–WAS 51 YEARS AGO. WILL THAT WONDERFUL TIME COME BACK? I JUST TOOK A QUIZ IN THE INTERNET ABOUT THE QUESTIONS THEY ASK WHEN YOU WANT TO BECOME A CITIZEN, 51 yrs ago I missed 2, this time I had a 100% How many DEMS/libs can say that? If there is 1 out there , I will test you. America is the USA, my COUNTRY AND I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO TRY AND DESTROY IT ANY FURTHER!

    1. thank you for doing it the right way, I wish everyone especially the Americans understood the importance of this process, every other country has something similar of even more strict and as we can see now there is a very good reason, thanks again.

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