Professor Sees Man Give Up First Class Seat for Uniformed Soldier — His Reaction Has Americans Irate


A professor witnessed someone giving up their first class seat to a military man in uniform, his disgusting reaction has Americans fuming!

a Drexel University professor was on a plane flight and witnessed something that most people would find inspiring and uplifting. A very patriotic man on the flight gave up his first class seat to a military man in uniform. For normal Americans this would make someone very happy to see.

Professor, George Ciccariello is not a normal, patriotic American…obviously. He said that the noble act made him have to hold back “vomit” and try not to scream “about Mosul.” His response is just sickening…

This tweet did not go well for him. Americans were outraged and he got the message loud and clear:

Ciccariello currently teaches politics and global studies at Drexel University in Philadelphia. This is not the guy whom I would want teaching my children or any of our future citizen’s politics! This is the garbage being allowed in our so called colleges by professors like this un-American.

No wonder colleges are turning out young people that can’t even think for themselves. This liberal hate for America, it’s flag, and the soldiers who put down their lives for our freedom needs to be stopped. They are tearing America apart.



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