People Have Had ENOUGH And Taken The Message To Disney’s Front Door!


Wednesday evening, hundreds of protesters gathered outside Disney’s headquarters at 500 South Buena Vista Street in Burbank, California to protest the corporate giant.

Protesters have had enough of  Disney’s sexualizing children, The group only wants their “kids to be kids.” They are now calling for a Disney boycott in order to “keep their children innocent.”

Families across the US have been canceling their vacation plans to the theme parks and their subscriptions to Disney Plus after Disney’s CEO, Bob Chapek, has opposed a Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill and after it was revealed that Disney recently hosted an all-hands meeting about the bill, in which executives bragged about their “not-at-all-secret gay agenda” and “adding queerness” to children’s programming.

The protesters chanted, “Boycott Disney!” in response to a leaked Zoom call showing Disney executives openly admitting they add sexual content to shows to groom children.

Executive producer Latoya Raveneau admitted:

“I was just wherever I could just basically adding queerness…if you see anything queer in the show… no one would stop me.” 

Another clip showed Disney corporate president Karey Burke saying she supports having LGBTQ characters in her stories. Burke said all of her children are queer and transgender so she supports Disney shows having as many LGBTQ characters as possible.

Disney has also vowed to fight the parental rights bill that protects children from Marxist groomers recently signed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Watch the videos below:

A conservative Disney employee said, “it’s gotten very hard to be someone with conservative values.”

Source: Thegatewaypundit

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  1. The best way to handle this issue, is for a self imposed Boycott of Disney. One has to hit Disney in the pocketbook where it hurts. Refuse to buy any Disney Products, change one’s vacation plans from from Orlando and California to a different destination, cancel Disney streaming.

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