MSNBC Worried Gorsuch Thinks Human Life Is ‘Valuable’


MSNBC attacks Neil Gorsuch just for simply stating that human life is valuable and that taking such a life in any circumstance is wrong.

Wednesday morning on MSNBC news, correspondent Chris Jansing took on Democratic California Senator, Diane Feinstein’s pro-abortion side. Neil Gorsuch didn’t do or say anything out of hand but Jansing obviously had a problem with his pro-life stance.

The fact that he stated that human life has value seemed to be a huge “anti-woman” issue.

From News Busters:

After playing a portion of Gorsuch discussing a book he wrote on euthanasia before becoming a judge, Jansing advanced a radical pro-abortion sentiment as she warned: “I will refer to the part of the book that concerns a lot of people who believe in the woman’s right to choose. ‘Human life is fundamentally and inherently valuable and the taking of life by private persons is always wrong.’”

Jansing also mentioned how “moving” Dianne Feinstein’s speech about her time as a judge having to sentence women to prison for having abortions was. MSNBC is very liberal, pro-abortion, women’s rights (except the unborn women, they don’t matter), and every other snowflake belief there is.

I mean, the man said that human life is VALUABLE… in what world is this a bad thing?? Oh, how twisted the times have become. Calling good evil and evil good.


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