All Mosques In America MUST Go Now After FBI Agent Just Revealed The Terrifying Thing Each One Has Hidden Inside

Radical Islam

Former FBI counter-terrorism Special Agent John Guandolo says that most of the thousands of mosques in the United States are a part of a much larger “Jihadi network.”

In an interview on Breitbart Guandolo had said that he has been able to connect the dots between terror attacks like San Bernadino terrorists, the UC Merced stabber, the Chattanooga shooter and the Boston bombers.

Every one of these attacks was traced back to an Islamic center where he suspects they got their training. All of the attackers were a part of these Islamic centers in the cities they were from.

From Freedom Daily:

This goes right along with reports from earlier that came out this month stating that mosques and Islamic Centers in the United States were stockpiling weapons.

However, because the nation right now is still hot off the burner from Obama’s America…people are still not looking into the situations, reportedly because, they do not want to offend anyone involved.

So practicing tolerance…is the gameplan. The gameplan that will end in one day Obama’s Americans waking up and wondering how their country got taken over by a religion that crushes their liberties.

The Muslim Brotherhood hold the Deed/title to nearly all mosques in America. They are internationally recognized as a terrorist supporting organization. That alone should have prevented them from ever getting authorization to build any facility on US soil.

I think these sites could be “converted” into fantastic planetariums. There will come a time when America will wake up and realize that Muslims are using a religion like Hitler used the Nazi movement to justify evil and promote an invasion against Western culture and Christianity. Hopefully it isn’t too late by then.


5 thoughts on “All Mosques In America MUST Go Now After FBI Agent Just Revealed The Terrifying Thing Each One Has Hidden Inside

    1. New this for a long time already that Islam wants to commit genocide of the people in Europe as well as in our Country of the USA. When are people here waking up and get smart about it?

  1. Islam is seditious and treasonous to America and Our Constitution. Deport any one calling for sharia law in America.

  2. We have too many stupid Democrats running this country and they are stupid enough to think Islam is the Religion of Peace. Vote the Democrazies out.

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