Mike Rowe Just Needs One Pic of a New Monopoly Figurine to Show What’s Wrong With America’s Work Ethic

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Monopoly just held a contest to change it’s iconic figurines, the new figurines and the one’s we lost speak volumes on “snowflake” America!

Mike Rowe has chimed in on his thoughts about which new figurines have been voted in by America and what it says about our country. He said that we have 5.5 million jobs that companies can not fill because the positions look like real, hard work. This is where America is at now, they don’t want to do hard labor, dirty jobs.

There were 64 options in the contest and 8 of those were the original figurines. A couple of companies pushed for people to vote for the classic figures that stand for something.

Unfortunately these iconic figurines didn’t make the cut and the ones that were voted in speak a lot on working America.

The boot, the thimble and the wheelbarrow will be missed by those who saw the deeper meaning in these objects.


John Pribe reached out to Mike Rowe to hear his thoughts on this change that he is obviously dissatisfied about.

Rowe had said that he was “deeply dismayed to read about the sudden banishment of honest work from the Monopoly board.”

From IJR:

According to KTLA, Rowe’s Facebook post may have made a valid point. Senior Vice President of Marketing for Hasbro Gaming, Jonathan Berkowitz, said contest voters just didn’t seem to embrace the tokens that were replaced:

“I imagine that the thimble, boot, and wheelbarrow tokens don’t resonate as much with today’s fans.”

According to Monster, blue collar jobs are among the most difficult to fill, with jobs in skilled trades such as carpentry, welding, plumbing, electrical work, and masonry ranking among the hardest. This comes despite the fact that workers in those areas are in high demand.

Though it is true that there are scarier things out there than a board game ceasing to use your favorite marker tokens, this decision does reflect the beliefs and attitudes of the real world.

Mike Rowe commented on his Facebook page:

“The demise of the wheelbarrow and the rise of the rubber ducky are as meaningful or meaningless as we say they are. As is the burning of a flag, or the refusal to stand during a national anthem. We get to choose what’s important and what isn’t. Which is why I’m still reeling over a parking ticket for blocking my own driveway.”


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